Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pinterest Picks #9

Winter?! Pah! We're currently putting the finishing touches on our Summer 2013 collection and as such, winter is dead to us.
These images are some of those pinned to our inspiration board...

{ All images from the Ginny & Jude Pinterest Boards where they link back to their original source }

Come on summer!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

summer hats, the beginning of the process

We received our woven straw hat bases in the mail recently.
Made in a vintage style honeycomb and knot weave, we are excitedly experimenting with shaping and finishing...

They arrive to us in messy shapes with bits of straw coming off everywhere!
SO many exciting things in the works for Summer...


Get the Look: Wildflowers

Spring is in the air, can you feel it? Our beau brought us the first few sprigs of Jasmine that he had found in bloom yesterday which has us feeling very positive about Springs prospects...
It may not feel like Spring, but there's no harm in being prepared when it does happen though!

And so, today we look to tall wildflowers encased in some early morning mist - a very early spring image if I ever saw one!
We discovered this picture courtesy of the unerringly stylish Julianna Swaney on Pinterest
If we were to dress as this photo...

Buttercup 1940s maxi dress // ON SALE $99.20 from DearGolden Vintage

Enamel floral brooch // $14 from Rivetting

1950s straw sunhat // $52 from Dalena Vintage

Vintage pastel pink Pedro Garcia t-bars // $59 from Trottinette
 I should say that we are so *desperately* sad that these are too small for us!!

Vintage wicker and wood picnic basket // $45 from VintageElectricity

Antique Japanese floral arrangement book // $7 from VintageInclination
Looks like a plan doesn't it!

Monday, July 23, 2012

For the love of...Martin Boyd Pottery

Some time ago when we were enjoying our first throes of 'pottery! How awesome is pottery!' we discovered the work of Australian ceramicist Martin Boyd. He is part of the Australian artistic dynasty of Boyd's including his father Merric Boyd, and brothers Arthur and David and so on. Talented family that one!

Guy Martin Boyd set up the 'Martin Boyd Pottery Studio' with his friend Norma Flegg (yes, how amazing is that name) in Sydney's leafy Cremorne in 1946. An lowly art student at the time, the business grew and grew and the range of pottery and ceramic grew to a staggering 177 catalogue items by the mid-1950s.

Classic Martin Boyd rammekins. Image: A Small Ferret vintage shop

The range was wide and varied - anything from figurines to table-wear - but my favourites have always and will always be the 'Harlequin' or two-tone glazed bits and pieces for the table circa 1950s...

Image: Australian Pottery at Bemboka

To be more specific, we were in love with his soft-pastel coloured, one-armed, shallow ramekins:

Once you start looking for these you'll see them everywhere...we started buying these many years ago from the Chapel Street Bazaar in Praharan on our first trip to Melbourne and have slowly grown the collection over the years. Recently we even added this tiny neat sugar bowl to the set!

It's a little chipped, but we still love it!

Boyd retired his ceramic career in the mid 1960s and focused instead on his career as a sculptor - his work can be found in galleries around Australia.

But we will never tire of his candy coloured confections.


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Get the Look: Blackberries in Winter

Today we've taken our outfit inspiration from a photo which invokes the spirit of an early winter; of the warm promise of a fire in the evening following an afternoon of remembering a summer just past.

We discovered this lovely photo via thistledownspirits, the blog of artist Katy Smail.

If we were to dress as this photo...

Vintage kid leather gloves // $32 from evaelena vintage
Green tweed maxi skirt // $48 from FigMintVintage

Porcelain Brooch // $220 from Raphael Mhashilkar

1900s sheer blouse // $58 from Adored Vintage

Felt Cloche // $400 from Behida Dolic
Professors Tweed Jacket // $42 from nemres

Two-tone brogues // $30 from littlebrooklynstpete
Antique Ferns book // $21 from LaSatoria
14k Gold 'forget-me-not' ring // $125 from LaraLewis


Monday, July 16, 2012

Revisiting winter fashion inspiration

Last week we had a very brief spell of stunning weather in Sydney, evoking long-suppressed desires for bare legs, parasols, mojitos in the afternoon and an unending twilight...
Not to mention that we're in the throes of finishing up our Summer 2012/13 collection (eep!)

But we have to snap out of it! It's always just a big tease this pleasant spell of sun and warmth.

Trying to get excited about winter again, we are looking for winter fashion inspiration to reinvigorate our love for woolens and warms.

Firstly, rediscover your love of all things rust, brown, fawn, ochre and so on...

Then remember that man-style flats are probably the most chic item you'll ever own...

...and that woolen and woven pieces have the most spectacular and tactile texture.

And that there's some thing real comforting about stepping out in your favourite coat

Now, to re-embrace our wardrobe with fresh eyes!


{ all images sourced from our pinterest boards where they link back to their original source }

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Get the look - The Row resort 2013

Sometimes when it comes to clothes you admire, you can't always get lucky and find/afford the *exact* pieces.

Never fear! Take inspiration and go forth...


Get the look

Our favourite outfit from The Row Resort 2013 collection re-imagined:

This preppy and sophisticated summery outfit from The Row epitomises chic in clean, timeless shades of mustard, chocolate and white.

The Row - Resort 2013

Get the look yourself with these pieces from Etsy:

Classic kitten heel brogues // $45 from Trilogie

Cream column skirt in crepe // $68 from AlexSandras
Vintage silk crop blouse // $20 from eabVintage
Mini leather satchel // $40 from RagRichVintage

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Stylish raincoats from Wet and Wendy

We first came across Melbourne label Wet and Wendy in Brunswick shop OkOk where we saw their lovely umbrellas in soft shades of dusty pink and blue hanging the in the window...

Photo: Emina Dzananovic

And this is by far the prettiest fold-up umbrella we have ever seen. Ever. Full stop.

On further investigation we discovered they do more than just umbrellas...they also do raincoats! Have you shopped for a raincoat recently? There's not that much in the way of style amongst a lot of them, and some of us want to be dry and lovely!

The Mini Cape - available in a range of shades including RED - and an absolute steal at $49.95

The Smartcoat - available in grey marle and pink marle with contrast hood - $169.95

The Raincoat - yep, you too can be little red riding hood. $99.95
And our man-friends don't miss out because there's also a mens range:

The Raincoat - and yes, it's available in a range of smart and interesting colours. $124.95

The Smartcoat - also available in a delicious chocolate fabric. $189.95
These are all available from the Wet and Wendy online shop as well as a huge variety of stores in Melbourne and Tasmania.

Perhaps all this wet weather isn't so bad after all?


images: courtesy of OkOk and Wet and Wendy