Friday, March 30, 2012

Farewelling Summer with a SALE!

It's finally time to say a final farewell to summer...with a SALE!

We have just reduced our Summer stock by up to 50% and it's all sitting pretty in the sale section - clothing, brooches, jewellery and

The sale runs until midnight on Friday April 13th and styles and sizes are strictly limited!

Happy shopping!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Winter is coming...

And no, we don't just mean the new season of Game of Thrones (although we will admit, G&J HQ has been rather gleeful about it's return)!

Indeed, we mean the regular Sydney kind of coldness which begins to sweep through with gusto around the mid-April mark. And although we do our very best to pretend that we do not have a winter in Sydney, the most uninspiring summer we can remember should certainly have all of us quaking in our stocking-ed feet and brogues.

Our winter range is rolling along quite nicely...

Taking our cues from the enthralling snow-bound Russian fairy tales of Vasilisa the Beautiful and the terrifying Baba Yaga we are crafting a collection to warm even the coldest of souls.

images: Ivan Bilibin from the original Vasilisa the Beautiful book, Wikipedia.

Think warm 100% woolen tweed skirts and swing coats...dreamy button-up-the-back blouses...velvet floral corsage season berets with thick vintage grosgrain trim...chunky hand-knitted scarves; all the essentials to have you hoping the weather would hurry up and get properly cold already!

And psst, not to give *too* much away, but we will soon be introducing Ginny & Jude Vintage. What this means you will soon find out...

snuggle up now!