Tuesday, January 13, 2009

1933 Summer Fashions Revisited...

I recently happened upon an article at vintage connection taken from the Summer edition of the Delineator magazine from 1933. Titled 'Yes and No. Fashions from 1933' the article frankly states some lovely fashion truths of the day.
Now, it may no longer be 1933, but I think there are a couple of brilliant ides to guide us through the summer of 2009 with style and poise!

"Yes. Bicycles are in fashion again after all these years--the direct result of all those cruises to Bermuda where you had to ride a 'bike' or else just stay put, on a hotel veranda. So now we have to have bicycle clothes. Twin sweaters with a divided skirt that doesn't look it, or shorts-and-shirt, or slacks-and-shirt. These are the things for roller skating, too, which is also enjoying a return engagement."
Now, I'm not one for skorts of culottes, but I heartily recommend the return of bicycle high fashion. Discard your unflattering lycra for a pair of high waisted linen pants or shorts and a gorgeous cream embroidered silk shirt.
Here are some lovely options for you:
Antique button-up-the-back cream eyelet blouse
Sheer embroidered lacy-racy number
It may not be silk, but this cute embroidered rayon blouse is still a winner
Karen Walker's 'Hi There' diffusion range has a lovely white linen high-waisted short

"Yes. White pique, and more and more white
pique--nothing could be smarter. Sets of it--hat, bag and gloves--are worn with dark suits, and what those three fresh things won't do to an old suit! And everyone who owns a dark printed silk dress--and who doesn't--should have a whit pique swagger coat to wear with it. And white pique on a black chiffon evening gown, is something you have to see to believe-to believe it could be so nice!"
It's fresh and crisp - which is exactly how you want to feel during a Sydney summer, so get yourself some flattering 'white'.
With a little love this would be the perfect tea party dress
Feel like a project? Imagine this little number in a crisp white material with a small floral pattern...
like this lovely 1940s voile from Australia's own Fabric Deli!
This embroidered 1900s skirt is the epitome of crisp as is this embroidered dress of the same era.
Pop one of these gorgeous white collars or dickies over a slip for a little bit of instant zing.

To read the full article and complete your circle of throw-back inspirations, visit the vintage connection
Enjoy your summer!
jude x

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ginny & Jude's at the Kinokuniya Craft Fair next weekend...

With the whirlwind of the festive season behind us our nimble hands are making light work of preparations for the Kino craft fair next weekend, Saturday 17th January.

The fair runs from 11am-4pm inside the store itself and you can expect a number of sellers hawking their handmade wares from accouterments, small press, headwear and the like.

And us? We have a new range of 1920s inspired plunge and swing necklaces which we will be showing off. They range from $45 to $90 and - as always - are made from the highest quality semi-precious stones and glass.

We will also have a small range of new headbands and headwear which will only be available at the markets including a new range which uses Japanese-made millinery pieces from the 1930s.

For more information, visit the Kino Craft Fair facebook page:

See you there!
x ginny