Monday, July 16, 2012

Revisiting winter fashion inspiration

Last week we had a very brief spell of stunning weather in Sydney, evoking long-suppressed desires for bare legs, parasols, mojitos in the afternoon and an unending twilight...
Not to mention that we're in the throes of finishing up our Summer 2012/13 collection (eep!)

But we have to snap out of it! It's always just a big tease this pleasant spell of sun and warmth.

Trying to get excited about winter again, we are looking for winter fashion inspiration to reinvigorate our love for woolens and warms.

Firstly, rediscover your love of all things rust, brown, fawn, ochre and so on...

Then remember that man-style flats are probably the most chic item you'll ever own...

...and that woolen and woven pieces have the most spectacular and tactile texture.

And that there's some thing real comforting about stepping out in your favourite coat

Now, to re-embrace our wardrobe with fresh eyes!


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