Wednesday, April 27, 2011

a small hint at things to come...

Just a little teaser from our recent photoshoot for the AW 2011 collection Last Year's Kisses...

{ Skylark headpiece...Charleston necklace (doubled)...Garden Party brooch }
image: copyright Lyndal Irons

MANY profound and heartfelt thanks to the positively delicious Renee Baker and the never-ending photographic talents of Lyndal Irons.

Stay tuned for more...


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

'Last Years Kisses' AW 2011 - Inspiration Board

With the release of our new collection 'Last Years Kisses' just around the corner (oh yes, keep an eye on your inboxes this coming week...) we thought we'd share with you some inspiration for the collection...

image source: Joey Harrison on Flickr

image source: superbomba on Flickr

image source: goldengreyblue on Flickr


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Come into my studio with Creative Spaces for The Finders Keepers

 I was recently asked to be part of a project The Finders Keepers are working on where they have a gander around the homes and Creative Spaces of Australian independent designers...of course I said 'yes!' - I am as guilty as anyone of being rather partial to peeking into other peoples lives!

On a recent Sunday afternoon the delight that is Renee Baker popped over to take some photographs of my large loungeroom in which all and everything I have ever made has sprung from. In fact, I have been using this beautiful space for so long, I can hardly imagine what it would be like to divorce my 'home' life from my 'studio' life! I'm sure it would make it very much harder to spend hours knitting together these Knitted Knickers and the like without the constant interest/distraction of myriad costume dramas and cups of tea...

images: courtesy of Renee Baker exclusively for The Finders Keepers

Once the business part of the visit was over, we had a good natter over a cup of coffee and some freshly baked Coffee Crumble Cake (could not be recommended highly enough - a never-fail cake if I ever baked one!).

It was an absolute peach of an afternoon!
And I hope you enjoy this little tour through my home as much as I did.

{for g&j}

Monday, April 11, 2011

Fashion History - Edwardian

Having recently watched the absolutely beautiful Downton Abbey (BBC, but coming soon to a television set near you!) I was reminded of my love for late Edwardian fashion.
Also know as the Belle Epoque, this era lasted from the very late 1800s up until World War I and was loosely categorised by it's teeny-tiny hand-span waists and puffed 'mutton chop' sleeves.
I think the period which I find the most beautiful and fascinating stretched just beyond this, loosely contained in the 10 years between 1908 and 1918.

Toilette d'Ete by George Barbier
Costumes Parisiens, 1912
from: Panteek

Upheaval was rife in all areas of life - industrialisation was well under way and modernisation inevitable, women were poised to get the vote, gone was the bustle and the s-bend corset (awful!) and for women sillouhettes had become more true-to-life.

The Deliniator and McCall's Magazine, popular fashion Magazine's from 1913
from: my own collection

Clothing had a playfulness about it and a sense of practicality in the flattering draping. Colours were cleverly matched in a cacophony of muted and rich hues and softer fabrics were favoured.

Toilette de garden-party by Victor Lhuer (top) and Robe a retroussis by Gerda Wegener
Costumes Parisien, 1913 and 1914
from: Panteek

As for hats; gone were the heavily embellished, wide brims of the late 1800s. These essential accessories were smaller in size, but heavy on the decoration; feathers, birds, flowers and ribbon were all used to great effect. In fact, many of the more outlandish feather trims I have restored to use in my pieces were made in this period!

Modeles de Marcelle Demay by B. Berty
Costumes Parisiens, 1913
from: Panteek

The three Crawley sisters of Downtown Abbey
from: BBC

Ah yes, the delicious Downton Abbey. Set in 1912 and concluding just as the War has been declared (although a 2nd season is being filmed as I type!) it is truly an aesthetic delight.


In fact, beyond the odd spot of meddling and brief love affairs, the women of the house seem to do little more each day than get dressed several times!

Oh! If only.

Monday, April 4, 2011

AW 2011 'Last Years Kisses' preview...knitted knickers

Just the tiniest peek at these little hand-knitted beauties from our upcoming winter collection 'Last Years Kisses'.
Can you think of anything more delightful than to don a pair of these super comfortable Knitted Knickers and stretching out in front of the fire?

Check the cute button up detail at the side...adorable!

(and the book you can see that we are currently flipping through with much delight is Polaroid Day from playground).

More from our new collection very soon...

Friday, April 1, 2011

New Sydney stockist - Estate of Mind!

Yep, we have a new Sydney stockist in Estate of Mind - a sweet new boutique which has opened on Crown St just south of Grandma Takes a Trip.
Estate of Mind are stocking a small but dedicated number of our hats and headpieces, with stock changing with the seasons.

Run by the lovely Sylvie Cornu, Estate of Mind stocks only local and emerging designers- there's clothes, jewellery and accessories galore including...
Michael Lo Sordo, Lucy K, Serpent & the Swan, Ashleigh Taylor, Tale Told, Flowers for a VagabOnd, Virgini, Love & Luck, St Looi Blues, KeilanaSkye Industries, MOSS by Mia, Ghoullery, Cherrytree Road , Maskarada, How typical of Metal and Abe & Sara.


Read a little interview with the delightful Syvlie about the shop here

What: Estate of Mind
Where: Shop 34, 277 Crown Street, Sydney
Hours: Mon and Sun 10-5; Tues, Wed, Fri, Sat 10-6; Thurs 10-9