Tuesday, March 22, 2011

For the Love of...Tweed

If there's one fabric we've particular affection for, it's tweed. And with Winter slowly creeping upon us (and with all the rain, it certainly feels like tweed weather!) it's time to pay homage to this amazing fabric.
We own quite a number of vintage tweed skirts and jackets now, and no amount of 'librarian' name calling will make us stop!
They go with everything, they're practical and the woven texture of the fabric is dreamy. What's not to love about essentially wearing a lovingly tailored woolen blanket?!




And you know what goes just perfectly with tweed?
Gorgeous, soft, hand-knitted jumpers and cardigans of course!

from nemres



Oh, go get warm already!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Melbourne Market Specials

As with every market we do, we like to make some super special little runs of things specially for the market itself. Below are some of the goodies we have been pulling together for the Melbourne Finders Keepers markets next week...

Gorgeous handmade Bowtie Headbands - made using recycled ties from the 1950s and buttons covered in antique kimono fabric...from $50

Art Deco drop earrings - using semi-precious stones and pearls, including these cute little carved coral flowers...$25

Botanical Globe lockets - these super cute vintage ball lockets have been fancied with some lovely brass findings. Another previous sell-out piece, we found a few more of them during a recent cleanup!

Jewellery Rolls - these beauties were a complete sell-out at the last Sydney Finders Keepers. Made entirely from antique kimono fabric and lining, with leather tie and vintage button detail, they are sumptuously practical.

Staring at the Stars pendants - using super delicate 1950s cabochons depicting different star-signs...too beautiful for words.


 If there are any you want to reserve, email letters@ginnyandjude.com!


Monday, March 14, 2011

Runway Report - Carven

We were super delighted to come across the cute and quirky Parisian brand Carven whilst out meandering in the wilds of the internet recently.

Image: Carven

The brand was founded by the formidable Carmen de Tomasso aka Madame Carven in 1945 in the burgeoning post-war fashion years just before the 'New Look' would take off in 1947, (yes, our favourite fashion period) with the rather noble idea of style over ostentation. 
A complete novice to fashion and decidedly removed from the rarefied world of Haute Couture, Madame Carven sought to produce beautiful, interesting clothes for young people; to "offer accessible luxury and to capture the spirit of the moment through her simple and refined designs".
The fashion house remains at it's original location at Rond Point des Champs today. 

Madame Carven stopped designing for the company at 84 and amazingly will celebrate her 102nd birthday this year!
How delightful!

Carven models in Vogue, June 1956

Carven Dress, 1960s
Carmen de Tomasso aka Madame Carven in one of her own creations from 1951
Make your own Carven original with this Madame Carven pattern from 1960!

Madame Carven's first design from 1945
The Green and White stripe would become her moniker, gracing the bottles of her famous range of perfumes.

Carven dress in Brazilian Magazine O Cruzeiro, September 1960

Now for Carven fashions from today!
I love that they have stayed true to those initial aspirations of creating exciting, youthful and accessible clothing:

Carven, Fall 2011

all runway images from vogue.com

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

See you at Melbourne Finders Keepers!

Yep, we are headed down to the fair shores of Melbourne once more for the Finders Keepers!

WHERE: Shed 4, Victoria Harbour, Docklands
WHEN: 26th and 27th of March, 10am-5pm

Click here for all the info about how to get there!

There are (almost!) 101 fabulous designers taking part and you can view the exhaustive and complete list here. Not to mention the lovely wonderment that will be Leeloo's Drawn from Fashion exhibition...


Get excited ladies!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Runway Report - Fendi

Must say we are very much enjoying the colours in this latest collection from Fendi...

The ribbed opaque stockings in pumpkin, mustard, russet and crimson... the jacket sleeves - bell shaped and cropped...velvet and tweed.

SO much to love!

all images from style.com

Friday, March 4, 2011

Featured in Etsy's Daily Finds!

Very excited today...

was featured in the Etsy Daily Finds mailout!

How wonderful!


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Window Shopping - March Edition

It's been a while since we last looked through the frosty glass of the shopfronts together. We're pining for Autumn - for coats and scarves, for crisp mornings and warm afternoons, for that terrific feeling of a sinking dusk...




available from Mag Nation

made to order by Kelsey Genner (NZ)



Ooooh, impossible to choose!


Our very favourite season...

'Thus I Flourish'

Chataeu Cheverney from the Garden