Monday, August 30, 2010

Window Shopping - August Edition

Anyone else addicted to the tantalising prospect of Spring? It's so close! Which means that Summer ain't far behind...
Our August Window Shopping edition clearly shows we've been distracted...warm weather, picnics, early evening sunsets - oh my!

Amazing, non? Thanks to Brooke Johnston Design for the tip!

Violetville never disappoint...and these nifty trousers are on sale at 50% off! Get in quick...

Taking the basket bag to a whole new level of cute!

 It always gets windy before it gets warmer

Perfect for cocktail hour!

Um, massivley awesome?!

It just makes so much sense!

So sweet and small!

from Nemres
Crisp and fresh in bright whites...

You can be crisp on land and in the ocean!

The perfect accompaniment to one's summer kitchen set


Monday, August 23, 2010

Have you visited the Emporium lately? We're having a pre-spring SALE!

Have you check out Ginny & Jude's Emporium lately? We've treated our little etsy shop to a makeover! It's
sides are near bursting the seams with new stock.
Did you spot the new shopping section? Yep, that's a  s a l e  category! With the first Freesia's finally flowering and filling Ginny & Jude HQ with the most delicious spring-y scent, we thought we would have a bit of a pre-spring clean. With the promise of warmer weather almost upon us, we've discounted some of the seasonal winter woolies as well as some long forgotten older pieces! 
There's heaps of lovely stuff including some pretty jewellery...

s a l e - Brass locket with painted Czech glass cabochon - s a l e
$55 - $40

little birdy headpieces...

$75 - $60

and the winter warmers...

Pop over to the Emporium and treat yourself - these pieces won't be there for very long!

And with a large apology to all of you who have been quietly nudging me to get the Harlequin collection online, you'll all be pleased to know that the complete collection is now online to purchase!

Beautiful straw combs...




Classic Charleston and Swing Necklaces...



Adorable Starburst Brooches...



And an abundant of timeless jewellery...



PHEW! That's quite a bit isn't it...
Don't let me delay you any further - get shopping!


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Well, it sure was cold!

In Winterland, that is!

We didn't skate, but we sure shivered in the icy chill that was Winterland at Carriageworks!
By day...
A large notion of thanks goes out to the girls who were in our stall in week One (we believe it was Mechelle and Anny, they of Little Book of Bearded Chaps fame which I wrote about previously..) who kindly left their large white paper pom-poms strung up and helped make our stall look terrific!

...and by night

The vintage kimonos were snapped up in a flash! By pack-up time on Saturday night we had only three left of the twenty we brought to market with us...did you manage to get one?
This one - a 1930s rayon 'juban' (which is to be worn underneath a kimono!), $80 - was one of our very favourites and somehow was one of the three left...we're almost delighted that we get to keep it!! However, if you are interested, send us an email and we will send you all the particulars!

We are expecting another shipment of Kimonos, Haoris and Obis from Japan over the next few weeks, which will all be listed in Ginny & Jude's Emporium, so stay tuned...

These are now on sale in the Emporium...

The gorgeous Harlequin Collars - and yep, that's a posy of violets I procured from the Hamper Store next door!

I thought it was time to part with some of my button collection in a classy way...and aren't these little button cards cute! 
Email me if you have a hankering for one!

Yes, bundled offcuts of kimonos!! FREE with all orders over $100 at the Emporium until October...or to purchase by request.

With the lovely girls from the Hamper Store and Notions as neighbours, and Find Me Keep Me and Roger+Peach not far away, we had a fabulous time!
And yes, we bought ourselves that sexy summer singlet we'd had our eyes on from the adorable Melinda Morrison of Roger+Peach...Have you snapped up one yet? You probably should!

Stay warm!
g&j xo