Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Stylish raincoats from Wet and Wendy

We first came across Melbourne label Wet and Wendy in Brunswick shop OkOk where we saw their lovely umbrellas in soft shades of dusty pink and blue hanging the in the window...

Photo: Emina Dzananovic

And this is by far the prettiest fold-up umbrella we have ever seen. Ever. Full stop.

On further investigation we discovered they do more than just umbrellas...they also do raincoats! Have you shopped for a raincoat recently? There's not that much in the way of style amongst a lot of them, and some of us want to be dry and lovely!

The Mini Cape - available in a range of shades including RED - and an absolute steal at $49.95

The Smartcoat - available in grey marle and pink marle with contrast hood - $169.95

The Raincoat - yep, you too can be little red riding hood. $99.95
And our man-friends don't miss out because there's also a mens range:

The Raincoat - and yes, it's available in a range of smart and interesting colours. $124.95

The Smartcoat - also available in a delicious chocolate fabric. $189.95
These are all available from the Wet and Wendy online shop as well as a huge variety of stores in Melbourne and Tasmania.

Perhaps all this wet weather isn't so bad after all?


images: courtesy of OkOk and Wet and Wendy

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