Thursday, August 30, 2012

Current obsession: Storage tins

Some time ago, we bought our first colourful tin on We didn't buy it with anything particular in mind - we were buying something else from that particular store, and thought we'd get some extras from the shop to combine shipping (...this is where we seriously fall down when it comes to shopping on Etsy!)

Isn't she a beauty! Such beautiful bright colours...Photo: VintageVanatic
And in situ at the Casa del Studio above and below. You will notice that we have quite a few of them!
Photos (two above): Renee Baker
We use them to store bits and bobs for jewellery making - the red one above (the original by Gray Dunn, and the best!) stores all the brass findings, the big gold one all the semi-precious stones, and the red oval one has all the brass and silver chain offcuts in it.

We love the excited use of bright colour, the texture of the pressed metal and their inherent sturdiness.

Naturally, these few we have are not enough. Not even close! So we are rubbing our hands together with glee planning our next Storage tin purchase. After trawling the 80 odd pages on Etsy (yes, we are *devoted* to our love of these tins), these are what we think are the pick of the crop.

What are we looking for? Colour, texture and a variety of shapes and sizes, that are relatively rust free.

Which should we get?!

Dahner Storage Tin // $10 from AmyKristineVintage
Not so sure about the addition of hibiscus to that centre floral arrangement (!), but the bumpy texture of the sides and mosaic of the top have us sold!

Dahner Canisters // $20 for the pair from TheSquirrelCottage
More magic from Dahner - the pressed metal one on the left is DIVINE! But the other one we would be happy for them to keep...

Another Dahner Canister // $14 from JustSmashingDarling
Oh hello! A twin to our friend above! Wonderful...
Our only reservation? Dahner tins are a dime a dozen! And we were hoping to find something a little more off-beat...

Art Nouveau Candy Tin // $25 from AustinModern
 Like this one! Oh wow - it's pretty rusty and old but golly isn't it beeewdiful! 

Vintage Asian Tea Box // $20 from ARandomFind

Vintage flour canister // $12 from littlewoodenhouse
There's a lot of mid-century looking stuff on Etsy, which isn't quite our style - but we quite like this upside down pineapple quirkiness!

Vintage Storage Tin from Holland // $29 from BestowAppreciation

Vintage Candy Tin from Holland // $13 from spaceroom
These two from Holland are bright and fun aren't they!

Wafer Tin from Western Germany // $17 from therunawaypancake
Seems appropriate given when most of our work gets done!

Christmas Tin // $10 from LucillesAttic

Christmas themed, so a bit naff, but those reindeer on the side! Adorable!

Christmas Mints Tin // $6 from vertzvkv

Handpainted Tin from Denmark 1970s // $10.50 from tessiemay
Fabulous - and a flat top is handy for stacking...

1950s Ransburg Canister // $8 from meggyleves

Painted Canister // $18 from SuzyQVintage
Murray Allan Tins from England // $18 from SwanVintageFinds

Sometimes an upright canister is just the ticket - great for storing tall bits and bobs...

Nesting Tins from USSR // $23 from agafrog

Nesting Tins from USSR // $21 from NewLifeForOldies
And these small nesting tins are perfect for keeping little beads.

Having serious TIN FATIGUE by the end of this, but our conclusion would be to buy them all, yes?!


Monday, August 27, 2012

Pinterest Picks #10

We had a 29 degree day in Sydney last week. It's still *technically* winter.
Gotta be grateful for that!


{ All images sourced from our Pinterest Boards where they link back to their original source }


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Stepping back with Past/Lives

It will be of no surprise to anyone who has ever looked at anything we have ever done, that we are past fetishists.

Bonnet dramas, edwardian fashion, mid-century knick-knacks and Dickens Dickens Dickens!

We recently discovered a local blog from Sydney-sider Michael Wayne 'Past/Lives' and were absolutely enthralled.

Now // East Village Hotel, Darlinghurst
Then // The Tradesman's Arms Hotel

The premise is simple - seeing the past glimpsed through it's bastardised present: "...uncover the secrets, reveal the hidden parts and tell the forgotten stories of Sydney using the clues that have been left behind through the years."

For all it's pretti-nesses, we've always loved Sydney for the combination it has of extremes of both the beautiful and the ugly. Looking at the timelines from then to now is both sad and somehow illuminating. As if you've just glimpsed a secret that no one else saw or knows about...

KC Beauty Centre // Cut and Comb hairdressing Hurstville NSW

Sharpies Golf House / Harmex / Derelict, Sydney NSW
Rockdale Furnishers / Cash Converters, Rockdale, NSW

Mrs N. Prior Clothing / A1 Cut Price Flowers / Nothing, Kogarah NSW
Michael adds his own memories (real or imagined) and ramblings to each post in an utterly hilarious and frank way, making each post a delightful read. And the detail! Our hats are tipped to his commitment to seeking the true histories of such minutiae.

It reminded us a little of 'Abandoned' one of our favourite catagories from the amazing Retronaut Blog where rotting theme parks and office buildings are photographed in all their current decay, so far removed from the glories of the past.

Abandoned // Buffalo Central Station

We highly recommend making a cup of tea and taking a trip through the back streets of Sydney's commercial past with Past/Lives


Monday, August 13, 2012

Be Gone Winter! Our season ending sale!

We would like to preempt the very end of winter (please please!) with an End of Winter Sale! All pieces from our The Gypsy Daughter collection will be reduced by up to 35% - including our 100% wool pencil skirts, button-back blouses and lace collars.
The sale extends from now until 31st August when we hope Winter will finally bid its fond farewells and leave us with a balmy spring. Yippee!

And some of these pieces are decidedly worthy of warmer weather - the blouses most certainly are and the linen skirts are the perfect transeasonal wardrobe staple.

There are some super smashing bargains to be had...

Pine needles and Pin wheels skirts in Linen // Striped wool // Checked wool

Reduced from $150 to $98

Birch Trees beret in Blue (pictured) // Biscuit // Crimson

 Reduced from $90 to $70

Evergreen Blouse in Squiggle (above) // Dusty Floral (see first image)

Reduced from $105 to $80

Knitted Knickers in Biscuit (pictured) // Crimson // Charcoal // Navy

Reduced from $95 to $70

Chunky Bow Scarf in Crimson // Charcoal // Navy AND Bow Tie Betty Headbands

 Scarves reduced from $50 to $40 // Bowtie Betty Headbands reduced from $65 to $55


Lace collar in Ecru (pictured) // White // Black and Regency Bird Comb

Lace collars reduced from $55 to $45, Regency Bird Combs reduced from $125 to $95

And so SOO much more!

Don't miss out - this sale runs until August 31st ONLY...sizes are also very limited so don't be disappointed by dallying...

Happy sale-ing

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Do you Instagram?

Having only recently joined the throng of iphone users, we got ourselves a little hooked on Instagram. Do you use it? We love it!

Find us: @ginnyandjude

Some recent photos from our feed...

vintage millinery // floral comb in progress
deconstructed parrot tulip // Sian Thomas sugar bowl
DIY window frosting in the studio // wattle by lamplight


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

OK OK, okay!

As we live in Sydney, getting to visit our favourite Melbourne bricks-and-mortar shops can be hard. In fact, it's basically a once-a-year kind of thing.
So you can imagine the cartwheels of joy we did when OK OK - our go-to shop for all things 'legs' in Melbourne - launched a dedicated online shop!

Nylon Dotty Tights // 29.95
All of OK OK's super-spunky hosiery is designed by the lovely - and dangerously talented - Emina Dzananovic and made locally in Australia's only remaining hosiery knitting factory. We love the bright and cheery colours and textures; because if you're having to wear tights, you want to have fun with it.

AOK16 Geometry Tights // $35
Chunky Wool Tights in Mustard // $45
And don't get all 'but winter's almost over' on us - OK OK also make a smashing range of socks!

Cotton Geometry Socks // $10

Over-the-Knee Rib Socks // $28
And if you're ever in the area, you have to check out the shop proper - this marvelously handsome space is tucked away in the ionic Hardwick building on Sparta Place in Brunswick.

One of there many FAB window displays - Wet and Wendy brollies and Melissa Shoes

 You'll find a cavalcade of amazing accessories - Melissa Shoes, Wet and Wendy umbrellas, nail polish, fancy sunglasses - the list goes on!

And word has it a re-launch of the space is due in September, so join their mailing list now so you don't miss out on all the important information (ie. invite to launch party etc.)

{Images courtesy of OK OK}