Friday, August 19, 2011

Pinterest Picks #2

Below are our favourites from the Ginny & Jude Pinterest boards this week...


{ all images from Ginny & Jude's Pinterest, where they are fully accredited to their various sources }

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Vintage Evan-Picone - a shopping guide

We happened across fashion label Evan-Picone somewhat by chance whilst trawling through vintage espadrilles on Etsy (Summer is coming and, as always, we are on the search for the yet-to-be-discovered *perfect* espadrille...).
We were struck by the delightfully feminine structure of the vintage shoes created by this label; how we love a practical yet deliciously low-heeled shoe!
And oh, how we wish we had little dainty vintage sized feet that would neatly fit into any of these shoes...







And how cute are the Espadrilles!



Evan-Picone was founded in 1949 by friends Charles Evans and Joseph Picone. Their first range was a small yet successful run of skirts designed by Evans and produced by Picone which was followed by a range of ladies pants. 

By the 1960s they were a leading manufacturer of Sportswear (ha! I suppose you *can* jog in a low heel...), but has since been sold to the Jones Apparel Group and has faded into obscurity/mediocrity somewhat. And as an odd little bit of trivia, you may be interested to know that Evan-Picone provided the wardrobe for Mary Tyler Moore in her eponymous show in the 1970s!










Happy Shopping!

p.s. we got our label history info from

Monday, August 8, 2011

For the Love of...Amy Merrick

Recently we discovered An Apple a Day, the delightful blog of New York based floral designer Amy Merrick. And boy oh boy, didn't we just gasp!

From the rural musings told from her family's ancient and wonderfully ramshackle summer house Elmwood in New Hampshire...

Designed by her descendants, still owned and used by her family today the city-bound observations from the everyday....

Oh how I wish we had a local beach like this where we could just pop down and gather some amazing sea-roughed glassware!

colours, designs...I don't even know where to start with this!

Brooklyn Botanic Gardens and a FIELD of bluebells. And we all know how I like these!

She even has foxgloves growing on her fire escape..too much!! her boundless talent with making pretty flowers and greenery look even prettier!

Her obvious talent dovetails neatly into the open and thoughtful tone of her blog. We spent hours meandering - and gasping - through the archives discovering new plants we didn't even know we loved and places we've never been.

And we highly recommend you do the same!


Thursday, August 4, 2011

a summer collection is brewing...

As soon as we get a few days in a row over 20 degrees we all go a bit spare grasping for summer don't we! It certainly inspired us here at G&J HQ.

Rather than hugging the heater, I set out into the sun and gallivanted about the streets on the look out for early blooming spring flowers...

and yep, the tweed outfit I wore was not dissimilar to this really!

When I got home, and over a cup of water spiked with a dash of rosewater and lemon (try it - it's delicious!)

...there was a flourish of thoughts for the summer collection...

{ Think floral, think teeny tiny details, think bright colours, think stripes }
Our quick and restless fingers are already putting together some rather glorious samples!

Until next time