Monday, July 23, 2012

For the love of...Martin Boyd Pottery

Some time ago when we were enjoying our first throes of 'pottery! How awesome is pottery!' we discovered the work of Australian ceramicist Martin Boyd. He is part of the Australian artistic dynasty of Boyd's including his father Merric Boyd, and brothers Arthur and David and so on. Talented family that one!

Guy Martin Boyd set up the 'Martin Boyd Pottery Studio' with his friend Norma Flegg (yes, how amazing is that name) in Sydney's leafy Cremorne in 1946. An lowly art student at the time, the business grew and grew and the range of pottery and ceramic grew to a staggering 177 catalogue items by the mid-1950s.

Classic Martin Boyd rammekins. Image: A Small Ferret vintage shop

The range was wide and varied - anything from figurines to table-wear - but my favourites have always and will always be the 'Harlequin' or two-tone glazed bits and pieces for the table circa 1950s...

Image: Australian Pottery at Bemboka

To be more specific, we were in love with his soft-pastel coloured, one-armed, shallow ramekins:

Once you start looking for these you'll see them everywhere...we started buying these many years ago from the Chapel Street Bazaar in Praharan on our first trip to Melbourne and have slowly grown the collection over the years. Recently we even added this tiny neat sugar bowl to the set!

It's a little chipped, but we still love it!

Boyd retired his ceramic career in the mid 1960s and focused instead on his career as a sculptor - his work can be found in galleries around Australia.

But we will never tire of his candy coloured confections.


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