Thursday, February 28, 2013

S A L E s a l e S A L E!!

Tonight marks the official end of Summer here in Sydney *sob*. And as if to give a taste of things to come the weather cruelly dropped 10 degrees in the middle of the day and whipped through some lashing rain and wind.

And so we sit here in G&J HQ sipping tea, sifting through and sorting pieces into SALE and non-sale piles...

This is the biggest sale in G&J history and runs until March 31st or until sold. As you all know we make our pieces in such hysterically small runs (some of only 6 pieces!!) that in most cases there are only one or two pieces remaining in a particular style...

~ All clothing is currently discounted between 25% and a whopping 70%...
~ Select brooches, necklaces and earrings at least 20% off...
~ Straw hat sale of up to 50% off (wowza!)...
~ Flirty floral combs all handmade by yours truly are discounted by 15%
~ New CLEARANCE category for end of line and one-off items. There are some fantastic bargains to be had in this category in particular.

And please be aware that once the 31st of March comes around most of these pieces will revert to original pricing, so don't dally. 

Well, go on then - grab yourselves a bargain!


Monday, February 25, 2013

Oscars Best Dressed 2013

Oh yes, it's that time of the year again where chiffon and tulle are used in inappropriate quantities and bow ties are de rigueur. People win shiny gold statues, but there are other things at play which are just as important.

Our top picks for the best dressed woman are...

Alicia Vikander who we most recently saw alongside Keira Knightley in Anna Karenina - and who many of us will remember from the 2012 film A Royal Affair - was best on the field hands down.
Colour is so important and in a sea of monochromes and primary colours, her pale blue backless gown was perfection.

Beaded with tiny blue and yellow beads and off-set perfectly by a yellow belt, soft hair and subtle crimson lips, we thought she looked a treat!

No word on who the designer is anywhere on the internet just yet, but they should be feeling mighty chuffed - she looked stunning!

Jessica Chastain was channeling old Hollywood glamour in this sparkly, geometric outfit. Instead of this pale colour washing her out, it was the perfect match for her softly curled amber locks. The bright red lips and bright subtle eyes also get a tick.

And a special mention for the gentlemen attending goes to perennial favourite Jason Schartzman who never fails to disappoint in the sartorial stakes. He eschewed the traditional black for classic french navy, and we believe that is a knitted - yes, knitted - bow tie he is wearing!

What were your favourites?

(all images: Getty Images)

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Pinterest Picks #14

It's a blustery kind of day in Sydney today, wind is whipping the rain around and summer is beginning to feel like an all too distant memory. Combined with our rather fervent winter collection sampling (view our instagram feed for regular updates!), we feel ready to cuddle up with a cup of tea and listen to the steady pitter patter.

{All images sourced from the Ginny & Jude Pinterest boards where they link back to their original source}

Monday, February 11, 2013

Dawn Dishaw Ceramics

We recently stumbled across the stunning ceramics from Dawn Dishaw whilst scrawling through pages of ceramics on Etsy on search - once again - for the perfect mug.

We had that rare quick fluttery-heart leap which makes trawling through pages and pages (and pages and pages) on Etsy so worthwhile. Eventually you will unearth the gold!

Wheel Thrown Ceramic Mug in pink navy and red - $36
The delicate hand drawn patterns, the slightly chunky lip, the mottled slight-grey of the ceramic base, the perfectly chosen colour combinations...

Wheel Thrown Ceramic Mug in red, blue and purple - $36

Wheel Thrown Espresso Mug in blue, orange and red - $28
And then we delved into her bowls. Bowls used to be our real ceramic weakness. For years they were hoarded, some too nice to ever be used. Some to simply hold flowers, some to hold one variety of fruit each and muddled in a haphazard way on the kitchen counter.
Bowls are still a weakness...especially when they're all scalloped edged and delicately patterned like this:

Ceramic Bowl in turquoise, orange and red - $58

Ceramic Bowl in salmon and blue - $58

Wheel Thrown Ceramic Bowl in blue, navy and purple - $62

Underneath detail of Ceramic Bowl in navy and salmon pink - $52

Each wheel thrown piece is a labour of love with the whole beautiful process from the painstaking hand drawn patterns to the series of glazes taking between one and a half to a staggering 12 hours to complete.

Now the impossible decision has to be made...which mug?
And, naturally, to take advantage of combined shipping, which bowl...


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

For the love of...fields of flowers

I have always loved flowers. And not in a slight 'oh yes, flowers are nice' way; in an overwhelming all-consuming sensory overload kind of way.
Where I grew up in the inner Sydney suburb of Marrickville, our 1/4 acre block was filled with all manner of simple, uncultivated flowers. I can remember the small waxy buttercups near the back door, the happy brights of the nasturtiums curled up the stone steps, the throbbing blue of the morning glory vine, the great purple clusters of bougainvillaea, the heritage five petal crimson roses which climbed haphazardly, clinging to the wall of the shed. These simple flowers were gathered into posies and scattered gleefully around the house.

Cheerful nasturtiums trailing the curb.
My brother and I in the vegetable patch, 1986
I was always trying - and very unsuccessfully mind you - to create some kind of field of flowers in the top left hand corner of the property, behind the mulberry tree. This rather barren part of the backyard was invariably choked with blackberry vines and curls of bracken, but I dug up a large proportion of it with my brother and tried to create something more colourful. Whilst we did find a great wealth of tiny glass bottles I now use for vases, the bracken always won out in the end.

Wild Forget-Me-Nots, in NY state. Stunning!

Traditionally cultivated varieties hold very little interest for me. I'm not particularly fond of gerberas, long stem roses (boring!) or long stem anything for that matter. I'm completely head-over-heels in love with the abandonment of wild flowers fluttering across a landscape.

Once when traveling in the Blue Mountains during winter many years ago we happened upon an abandoned wooden house surrounded by a field of jonquils. We hopped over the fence and I had no qualms at all ruining a pair of shoes getting through a muddy ditch to gather armfuls of this deliciously scented stuff. 

Drifts of Daffodils. Photo: Erin Glasener
When I think about traveling, my mind quickly jumps ahead to 'oooh, what flowers will I get to see?'. In New Zealand I was completely smitten with the Lupins. There is certainly no shortage of them over there, and yet each time we saw their multi-coloured heads bobbing around on the side of the road, I would exclaim with glee! We saw a glacier, trees bent over backwards from the wind, eerily blue lakes, and vistas that take your breath away, but the thing I remember most vividly was seeing those wild lupins everywhere.

Early morning Lupins!

Near Rarangi in Marlborough, a delightful seaside yellow variety.

Roadside Lupins. Never got tired of them! (Above 3 taken with a Holga, slide film, cross processed)

I still have a few floral fantasies that I must experience now the Lupins are out of the way:
One is to traipse - yes, traipse - through a field of bluebells. And I will almost definitely feel the need to lie down in them. That delicious silvery blue carpeting the floor beneath a canopy of soft green trees...
Bluebells!! Photo: Busy Nothings
Fanny Brawne knows what I'm talking about. Photo: a still from Bright Star 2009

The other revolves around striding through a field of wheat and poppies in Italy. Fans of the genre will immediately skip in their memories to that infamous scene in 'A Room with a View' where Lucy and George steal a kiss in the Italian countryside. 

Lucy approaching the lustful George in the 1985 film.
Red corn poppies dotted through a wheat field
There is something undeniably romantic about wild flowers; their recklessness, the all-consuming scale of quantity, the bright spark of colour and texture.

Native Flannel flowers en masse. Photo: Lilly Pilly
We had not been together long when my beau picked me up from the airport with a freshly picked bunch of flannel flowers he had gathered for me on his way into town. The epitome of romance.