Friday, August 1, 2014

Summer 2014/15 collection FOR THE ROSES - Pre-Order starts now!

It is with great pleasure that Ginny & Jude Designs present:

s u m m e r  c o l l e c t i o n  2 0 1 4 / 1 5

“ I heard it in the wind last night
it sounded like applause
Did you get a round resounding for you
way up here..."

- Joni Mitchell, For The Roses 1972

Our Summer 2014/15 collection FOR THE ROSES is now open for ONLINE PRE-ORDERS!

You can even DOWNLOAD THE CATALOGUE to peruse in your own time.

'So, how does this whole Pre-Order malarkey work?', you might ask...

It's quite simple:
Firstly, head over to the FOR THE ROSES PRE-ORDER SECTION of our Online Boutique.
From here you are able to choose and order whatever style and size you wish.

To secure your order we require a 50% deposit, with the balance to be paid when your pieces are ready to be sent to you in the latter half of October. 
Think of it like a form of pre-season lay-by!
AND as an extra sweetener, all pre-orders ship for free within Australia - hurrah!
Just enter the code PREORDER when you place your order...

You have until the 18th of September to secure your order from the FOR THE ROSES Collection. 

Keep in mind this is first in; best dressed, and many of these limited edition fabrics may sell out before these pieces are released to the public in late October.

Got questions? Shoot us an email: 


Saturday, June 28, 2014

Winter Must-Haves

Do you follow us on Tumblr? This past week we've been posting up a collection of ten wintery goodies we have been ogling online to stave off the winter blues.

Here's a taste...

Rainstorm in Finland, 1968 / Umbrella from Wet & Wendy

Raincoat from Viema Store / Artwork by Brooks Shane Salzwedel

Knits from Good Day Night / morning light from Kirstin McKee

Rainy day patterns / handwoven blanket from the Nordt Family Farm

Afternoon wine / Lace-ups from Tamar Shalem

Fortifying brew from Artful Tea / Spiced cookies

View the full list on our Tumblr...

Stay warm everyone!


Friday, June 6, 2014

TONIGHT! Finders Keepers AW Markets in Sydney

This long weekend just got that little bit more marvellous - not only do you have an extra day to snuggle in under the doona long after the alarm; you also have the incredible shopping thrill of visiting the Finders Keepers Markets!

Australian Technology Park
Henderson St, Eveleigh
Friday 6th June
6pm - 10pm
Saturday 7th June
10am - 5pm

There are many MANY fantastic designers to browse, homewares to lust after, food stalls to drool over, free live music to entertain you and for the first time there’s even a selection of Vintage stalls!

Image: Bec Taylor

It can really be overwhelming when you walk in, but finding us is easy using the map below.
As you can see, we are on the far left wall under the windows near the change-rooms.

We will be selling our glorious AW2014 collection ‘Oh, Vasilisa!’. 
This capsule collection was made in an especially small run and as such we have already almost SOLD OUT in a number of sizes and styles. 

To save disappointment, if there is something you are ABSOLUTELY set on purchasing, 
do so online NOW and use the code FKPICKUP to cancel out shipping charges* 
- I’ll have it packed up ready for pick-up at the markets!
*Valid until 3pm Saturday 7th June

Monday, April 14, 2014

Introducing 'Oh, Vasilisa!' - Winter 2014

Inspired by the ancient Russian fairytale Vasilisa The Beautiful,
we present our Winter capsule collection for 2014.

Proudly designed and made in Sydney, Australia.

Oh, Vasilisa! is now available to purchase from Ginny & Jude Designs Boutique 
for delivery at the end of April.

Model: Pandora Crauford-Gormly
Campaign Photography: Lyndal Irons
Hair & Makeup: Tania Bowers
Styling and assisting: Rabia Lockwood

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Vasilisa The Beautiful

I thought I should share with you the inspiration behind our 2014 Winter Capsule collection 'Oh, Vasilisa!'. More than anything else I found myself inspired by the colour palette and thinking out to this moral tale of how innate goodness always wins out over evil; that these evils come in may guises and that all is never as it appears...

There are a few fairytale picture books that really made an impression on me when I was a small child, and one of them was the Russian Fairytale 'Vasilisa The Beautiful'.

What stuck with me about this particular picture book was how downright frightening it was! I was at an age where I was pretty freaked out about the possibility of witches hiding behind doors at night let alone the possible terrors that existed in our overgrown backyard after dark! I imagined a Baba Yaga with her hook nose and leathered skin riding out to smite me when I ventured to our outside toilet in the dead of the night...

There are many far less frightening versions of this picture book, but we had the original complete with the stunningly detailed illustrations by Ivan Bilibin.

Vasilisa sent out to find commanded by her evil stepmother, naturally.

Baba Yaga on her strange mortar and pestle contraption. Somewhat more absurd than a broomstick!

Vasilisa observes the white rider that symbolises Dawn...

...and the black rider that symbolises Night. I found him more frightening than Baba Yaga!
The illustrations are truly what makes the book really. They are evocative, dark, symbolic and utterly captivating. The way the trees are drawn, the use of light and shade, the incredible use of colour and the complete immersion in the landscape.
I highly recommend finding yourself a copy and becoming caught up in the dark, desolate and yet ultimately hopeful tale of Vasilisa.


Monday, March 3, 2014

Oscar's Best Dressed

WELL! This would have to be the most banal Oscar's red carpet in living memory. So many shades of nude, metallic, black, navy and boring. Yawn.

Thumbs up to Lupita Nyong'o who looked pretty marvelous in a plunging palest blue shimmering Prada number with a simple diamond headband. AND she won Best Supporting Actress for 12 Years a Slave! Winning on every count tonight.

Lupita Nyong'o at the 2014 Oscars. Photo by Jordan Strauss

And if you absolutely have to wear a black dress then Karen O got it right with just the right amount of wow power in this slinky black number with some pretty splendid sleeves...

Karen O at the 2014 Oscars. Photo Frazer Harrison


Friday, February 28, 2014

Discovering the art of Belinda Marshall

I first came across Belinda Marshall's art whilst working at Follow Store, back when they had a bricks and mortar store on Sydney's Cleveland Street. There was nothing more exciting than unwrapping an order from Belinda's Melbourne studio and positioning her happy prints around the store.

A selection of Belinda Marshall's Prints l-r: 'hopeful', 'chance' and 'greenish light'. From $40

Not content with a print? How about these beautifully printed linen cushions?! $120

I am constantly bewitched by her astounding use of abstract forms. There is something so evocative in her use of shape and colour that I really find it hard to pick a favourite. Having previously worked for an aromatherapy company for many years, I found them akin to scents - some days you're drawn to one over the other in a way that is quite inexplicable.

Imagine my delight when I discovered she also has a Society6 store and I could pretty up my devices as well. Hurrah!

all the prettiness! iphone cases, laptop skins and covers for all manner of devices!

Eventually I settled on the Greenish Light print, with a view for more to come in the future. One day I hope to treat my house to an original!

Check out all of Belinda's stunning pieces at one of these various place...and good luck choosing!


all images copyright Belinda Marshall

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

All things must pass...

All things must pass...and this brilliant, bright Summer has quietly slipped into Autumn.

And so to clear the decks for the next season of G&J sartorial wonders, we must have an end of season sale...!!

What is left of the stunning La Luna collection is now on sale with juicy mark-downs storewide.

La Luna was our first collection using exclusively natural fabrics - silks, linens and cottons - and we know it is our highest quality collection to date. As always our clothing is designed to take you through the seasons and years; the designs will still seem as classic and timless as when you first laid eyes on them!

And who said 'summer' was only for Summer! The collared shirts work wonderfully under a jumper, with the contrast collars adding that little pop of colour to your winter outfit...the the La Luna wiggle skirts are perfect Fall work-wear paired with stockings...

Click through and treat yourself to something beautiful...


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

For The Love Of...The House of Eliott

Remember The House of Eliott? I sure do. Originally released on the BBC in 1991, I imagine it probably screened in Australia a few years later - probably 1993 if memory serves.

As a child, being allowed to watch TV was a rare treat and this Sunday evening program with its jaunty violin theme song and billowing silk across the credits was one of only a few that wasn't a nature documentary. As you can imagine it was the highlight of our viewing week! My mum has even kept a letter my brother wrote to her (delivered by me), pleading he be allowed out to watch it with us even though he had been sent to his room hours earlier!

Centered around the trials and tribulations of sisters Evie and Beatrice Eliott as they establish their London Fashion house in the 1920s, this rather earnest period drama probably kick-started my deep and enduring love for the genre with it's fabulous clothes and strong female characters.
Re-watching it today I am struck by the fact even though the production values aren't as spectacular as its modern counterparts (ahem, Downton Abbey) and there is a rather dangerous propensity for overacting (especially as it draws towards the final season...), the romantic notions of success, love and aspiration are still just as relevant today.

Bea and Evie - silk pyjamas forever!
As a youngster, I had always oscillated between wanting to be Evie and wanting to be Bea. I could understand why everyone gravitated towards Evie; she is so beautiful with her dark bob hair and sparkly blue eyes. And being the younger of the two sisters she always has the most spectacular and daring outfits.

This backless gold number gets worn a number of times throughout the series and is basically sartorial perfection.
Beatrice in comparison always seems a little down in the mouth; life seems to have disappointed her one too many times - but she has that gorgeous finger-wave blonde hair and she manages to snare herself the most handsomest of men in photographer Jack Maddox...
Ah yes, Jack Maddox - society photographer, turned film maker, turned political activist...and all the time with the perfect hair and brilliantly knobbled nose!

Beatrice making eyes at Jack.
Beatrice, Jack and Evie...hard at work...
...their work outfits are absolute perfection!
Watching it again now, I find a new-found respect for Beatrice. She never ever shys away from a difficult conversation - be it in business or love; has a firm belief in her abilities as a business woman, is spectacularly organised and still manages to look glamorous through it all. For a newlywed woman in her mid 30s she makes the rather controversial decision to delay starting a family to focus on her career - a decision which still manages to raise eyebrows almost 100 years later. When it comes down to it, Bea is actually a very modern woman living in an era when the concept of a 'modern woman' was only just percolating.

Beatrice has the most perfect finger-wave blonde hair ever. EVER! Sigh...

Wearing the most perfect knitted black jumper with white bow detail.
And Evie - delightfully perfect Evie! With her backless dresses, billowy sleeved blouses, headscarves and bob hair she truly is a style icon. I have hit the pause button many, many times to marvel at the drapery of her work blouses. What I have really appreciated about her character this time around is how independent she is. Move to Paris at 21 to design for a famous couturier? Sure. Go to all-night bohemian parties without a chaperone? Absolutely. Live on her own? Why not!

Young, single and living the life in Paris!
3am and Evie's glass of wine is still full...
She is a curiously solitary character, who gets wonderfully distracted by small details and seems at peace with herself. All fabulously formative for myself as a young girl I imagine.


That said, by Season 3 she is basically an insufferable wannabe bohemian bore and I find myself averting my eyes every time the camera lingers on her bobbing head thoughtfully considering the melody of some cool jazz tune...and I never could work out - even then - why oh WHY she chooses such boorish, deeply unappealing men.

The series was cancelled before a fourth season began filming - to the evident surprise of the producers and writers who leave season 3 on quite a cliffhanger. Yet given the lapses into hysteria and melodrama that characterise season 3, I would say this is probably for the best!

And so it remains that my favourite thing about the series overall - beyond the gloriousness of the fashion in every single frame, obviously - is that whenever something even slightly good happens, out springs Jack with a chilled bottle of champagne and a selection of crystal flutes!
And I think we can all take something away from that!

Champagne anyone?!
He genuinely does this at every opportunity... the evident delight of all!