Wednesday, December 1, 2010

FINDERS KEEPERS - this Friday and Saturday!

It's that time of the year again for the Summer Finders Keepers markets!
Don't let the inclimate weather get you down - I promise you that Summer in all it's warmth and unerring sunshine is *just* around the corner.

CarriageWorks - 245 Wilson Street, Eveleigh NSW
Friday 3rd December from 6pm – 10pm
Saturday 4th December from 10am – 5pm

And we will be showcasing all the delightful new pieces from our Razzle Dazzle Rose collection...
Join us for a celebratory tipple from the CarriageWorks bar whilst we are serenaded by delightful tunes courtesy of a cacophony of bands and deejays - including Ginny & Jude favourites Jack Shit  (10-2 Saturday) and Smart Casual (4-5 Saturday).WOOT WOOT!!

As always, there's always heaps and heaps and yet more talented designers and creators in the room hawking their wares...

Ginny & Jude favourites (yes, those are S+S bikinis in our recent photoshoot...) Sanoii + Six

 Sirens Swimwear

Her new range of embroidered jewellery is TO DIE FOR!

One of our favourites making consistently beautiful and quality handmade pieces

Amazing origami jewellery and accessories

And no doubt so so so much more!
See you there!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

r a z z l e d a z z l e r o s collection revealed!

With a small curtsy we would be delighted to introduce to you
r a z z l e  d a z z l e  r o s e
a swoon-worthy new collection of
summer straw hats and headpieces from Ginny & Jude Designs.

These pieces will debut at the Finders Keepers Markets held over Friday the 3rd (6-10pm) and Saturday the 4th (10-5pm) of December at Carriageworks, Sydney.
Contact us at for all pre-orders and inquiries...

We hope you love them as much as we do...

"It was a soft reposeful summer landscape, as lovely as a dream and as lonesome as Sunday"
- Mark Twain

'Croquet by the Lake' headpiece ~ available in ice, blush and navy $120...'Swing' necklace in Coral ~ available in a range of semi-precious stones $65...'Pansy' bikini in Steel by Sanoii & Six

This beautiful velvet and silk headpiece marries two stunning vintage Japanese millinery pieces. The perfect complement to any up-do on a sultry summers afternoon.

'Quite Contrary Boater' ~ with individual corsage detail, $115...'Tea Party' Brooch ~ with vintage glass button detail. $65...'Acorn' pendant, $70...Blouse by Sanoii & Six

The perfect addition to your Sunday cycling outfit, this practical grosgrain and straw boater is accented by a sweet posy of vintage millinery blooms produced in Germany in Japan in the early 1900s.

'Say it Isn't So' headband ~ available in plum, gold, sky and persimmon $95...'Tea Party' brooch ~ with vintage glass button detail, $65...assortment of cushions made form antique Japanese textiles, from $65 ~ 'Poppy' bikini in burgundy, from Sanoii & Six

Made from vintage Japanese millinery pieces, this wonderfully dramatic velvet headband is the perfect foil to a lazy summers evening.

'Sweetheart of the Meadow' straw hat ~ with grosgrain bow and individual vintage glass button detail, $135...'Bachelorette Corsage' brooch ~ available in a range of vintage millinery blooms, from $45...'Charleston' necklace in coral and pearl ~ available in range of semi-precious stones, $85

Get swept away in the vintage glamour of the 'Sweetheart of the Meadow' straw hat. Adorned with a handmade grosgrain bow and individual vintage glass button detail, this wide-brimmed beauty is an elegant summer staple.

'Olive's Playing Tennis' cap~ available in natural, brown or black straw with individual grosgrain detail $95...'Moonlight over Water' quartz pendant (top), $70...'Bachelorette Corsage' ~ available in a range of vintage millinery blooms (bottom), from $45

Step back in time with the cloche inspired 'Olive's Playing Tennis' cap. Perfectly ladylike and chic, this piece sold out within hours at the recent Melbourne Finders Keepers.
Pre-order now to avoid disappointment...

Styling : Rabia Lockwood
Model: Zoya
Photography: Lyndal Irons
w e a r  w i t h...
Charleston Necklace
Acorn Necklace - available at Finders Keepers
Knitted Collar

Monocle Pendant
Tea With Pierot Pendant

Starburst Brooch
A blimp sized thank you to the beautiful Zoya for being so delightfully dreamy all day, to Lyndal for her magical camera skills, and to Sanoii & Six who sent us some truly lust-worthy bikinis for the shoot. 

see you at Finders Keepers!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

INVITATION to an afternoon tea at Gaffa Gallery!

As we all know, the first round of Arcades is coming to a close. 
This means that come Monday the arcades will be emptied...
of our beautiful little Millinery Salon;

the Frankie Magazine reading room

and the two Finders Keepers Collective spaces including a selection of wares from the following designers

Are you now in a state of panic because you haven't visited yet? Stay calm!
To celebrate the first month of the Arcade Project coming to a close, The Finders Keepers and Gaffa Gallery are hosting an afternoon tea this Saturday!

What could be more civilised and delightful on a Saturday afternoon? We can't wait!

AND as a special little cherry on top to you, dear readers, we are offering a 15% discount for the afternoon only!
Yep, that's right -

Hope to share a cupcake with you


Monday, October 18, 2010

Pop-Up Shop has only a week left...

Oh, it's been a busy month! We have hardly stopped - and hence we are *rather* behind in attending to our lovely twoshoes blog.

Firstly, our pop-up shop as part of The Finders Keepers and Gaffa Gallery's Arcade Project is about to close! It has been open for almost a month now and the whole lovely little cosy spot is to be packed up this Monday, so your time is running out to grab yourself something delightful! (and, on that, stay tuned for a very special announcement tomorrow morning...!)
To book a free consultation and fitting with our designer, email

We have had a couple of little articles written about the shop including a feature in twothousand and an interview in dailygloss which we were super-duper chuffed about!

Did you make it to the opening of the Arcade Project? Our designer Rabia Lockwood had a fabulous time meeting everyone and helping people try on hats!

Our very favourite photographer Lyndal Irons (she of Harlequin Photoshoot fame) was on hand to document the event with these lovely photographs below...

 The crowd mills around the arcades...and there our little shop is in the top right corner!

The wine was so fancy it had a cork in it...delicious!

Helping a lovely lass try on a 'Row Boat Sweethearts' hat - one of the new pieces from the Razzle Dazzle Rose collection!

Our designer Rabia helping solve a jewellery dilemma - yes, those earrings will make everything better! (and she's wearing a Sanoii & Six blouse...)

...and on the wooden plinth the marvelous 'Fly Me to the Moon' headpiece, as purchased by the delightful Vienna Johnston, one half of Sanoii & Six!

The beautiful 'Holding Hands' hat

One of our absolute *favourite* pieces - the 'Going to a Town' headpiece, using stunning 1930s vintage veiling.

A very big thank you of course to Sarah and Brooke of The Finders Keepers and Zoe, Penny and Kelly from Gaffa Gallery who all helped make the event such a success. They are all so very wonderful.

Speak to you all soon!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The pop-up shop OPENS!

Yesterday we flung open the doors to our new pop-up shop!

 hats and hats and hats, oh my!

We have decked it out in all our lovely pieces and thought we'd share a few quick snaps with you all before the official launch next Thursday...

 lovely hand-restored painted feathers from the 1920s...
And introducing the first pieces from our new collection 'Razzle Dazzle Rose' - 
the 'Row Boat Sweethearts' straw hat complete with sweet corsage detail!

Probably the hardest for me to part with - antique silk spiderweb veiling from the 1930s!
So soft, so delicate. Swoon!

Of course, a few lovely people have been a big help:
A special thanks to James from Re-Creations who kindly lent us the absolutely stunning mirror and shelving. It's a perfect match for every other piece of decor and does the space a world of favours! Both are also for sale...

And to Stacey from Busy Bee Garden Service for lending us the picturesque plants and succulents. She very sweetly has faith that I won't kill them!

And what are hat's without hatstands? When displayed: not very much at all. Arjuna from Mandali Guitars kindly took a moment from many far more important projects to whip up a number of beautiful tall and sturdy hat stands for us. We love them!

We certainly hope to see you at the opening next Thursday

When: Thursday 30th September, 6-9pm
Where: Gaffa Gallery, ground floor, 281 Clarence Street Sydney
For: The Arcade Project featuring Ginny & Jude Designs, Finders Keepers Collective and Frankie Magazine Reading Room

See you there!