Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sydney Finders Keepers! Best Picks...

That time of the year is upon us again; the summery-ness of summer is just starting to make itself felt, hydrangeas are in bloom and the acorns are just about ripe.

It also means it's Sydney Finders Keepers time...wootwoot!

For all of those who missed out on our newsletter announcement a few weeks back (and for those of you who didn't, subscribe now!) we are very chuffed to be joining the talent pool at the upcoming Finders Keepers - see all the profiles here.

WHEN: Friday 2nd December 6pm -10pm and Saturday 3rd December 10am - 5pm 
WHERE: CarriageWorks, 245 Wilson Street, Eveleigh NSW

For pre-orders contact  

We, of course, will be launching our new Paper Hearts collection - which we are super happy about - and there are a number of other lovely bits and pieces we suggest you check out...

If we go off the amazing outfits she has fashioned for herself over at her delightful blog then I am expecting some very cute vintage inspired designs from this talented lass.

For quality, quirky kids wear you can't beat the cute designs of the lovely Mia and her label The Raisin Did It. Great vintage and new fabrics and sweet simple designs.

This sydney-based ceramicist is terrifically talented. I have bought many pieces from her over the years - a berry colander, serving dishes, butter dish etc. - but what I'm really coveting is one of these gorgeous teapots...

The go-to stall for sweet little Christmas gifts for all and sundry. I intend to add to my modest collection of their hand-carved spoons again this year!

Good colours, nifty designs...what else can I say?!

She designed the current flyer for the Finders Keepers and every one of her delicate watercolour images is just as beautiful. Trying to choose a favourite...

Perhaps it's time to invest in a new piece of swimwear?! Classic shapes in classic fabrics from Sirens Swimwear.

I have been mulling over a pair of exquisite The Horse shoes for some time - I fall down once I have to make a choice. I reccomend you all mull over the same decision.

An obvious choice, no? So much to choose from, I'm already fretting about what headpiece/outfit combination to wear...

see you there!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Ginny & Jude present summer 2012 - Paper Hearts

Without further ado, we present to you...

Paper Hearts
Summer Collection 2012

  1. ‘Bright-Lit Skies’ Headpiece in Melon, $185…’Putting on Airs’ lace collar with brass and glass detail, $50

2. ‘Bright-Lit Skies’ Headpiece in Noir, $185

3. ‘The Gardener Sits Still’ hair-comb in blue/purple/pink $87…’Moonlight on Water’ pendant in amethyst [limited edition]

4. ’Miss Beaton Takes a Walk’ skirt in riverbank watercolour $130, Miss Beaton in the Shade crop jacket in riverbank watercolour $95…‘The Gardener Sits Still’ hair-comb in blue/yellow/ivory $125

5. ’Miss Beaton Takes a Walk’ skirt in watermelon floral $130…Astrological necklace, in Gemini $70 [limited edition] 

6. ‘The Gardener Sits Still’ hair-comb in blue/red/white $95…’Miss Beaton Takes a Walk’ skirt in monochrome ikat $130, ‘Swing’ hand-strung necklace in labradorite faceted stones

7. ‘Cecil, Take the Oars’ wide-brimmed boater with blueberry velvet trim, $90…’Miss Beaton in the Shade’ crop jacket in monochrome ikat $95

8. ‘Cecil, Take the Oars’ wide-brimmed boater with blueberry velvet trim, also available in caramel and mustard…’Be-bop’ plaited semi-precious stone necklace $65

9. ‘Miss Beaton in the Shade’ crop jacket in watercolour floral, $95…’Oh, Vanity!’ mirror brooch with bee detail $60…’Be-bop’ plaited semi-precious stone necklace $65

All Photos © Lyndal Irons
Styling: Rabia Lockwood
Hair and Makeup: Tania Bowers
Model: Gabrielle Dillon
Drop one of Paper Hearts will be hitting Ginny & Jude's Emporium this afternoon, so head on over and have a peek!


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Photoshoot - in the can!

On this Sunday just past, we bunkered down at Sun Studios in Alexandria to shoot our latest - and very soon to be released - collection p a p e r  h e a r t s. The weather mattered not for a change (hurrah! As it rained on and off for most of the morning!) and we all cruised through the day to an odd-ball collection of jazz and hula music on our portable record player.

We had some splendid people at our disposal helping make everything possible, so our warmest and most thankful wishes are extended to:

The incredibly patient and talented Lyndal Irons (our resident photographer - we simply won't shoot without her!)...her ability to re-create the specific ideas we have in our heads is phenomenal!

For the first time we were joined by the spectacularly skilled hands of hair and make-up artist extraordinaire Tania Bowers. Victory rolls, porcelain skin and a cheeky pout - I think you'll all agree the results speak for themselves!

And lastly but certainly never least, our beautiful bombshell of a model; Gabrielle Dillon. Her quirky sense of humour added that crucial joie de vivre to every shot.

'Miss Beaton' crop jacket in floral and 'Oh, Vanity!' mirror brooch
p a p e r  h e a r t s
Summer 2012
from Ginny & Jude Designs

Stay tuned, all will be revealed *very* soon

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Our SS 2011/2012 collection is on its way...

Oh yes lovelies, after much waiting and a great deal of preparations, furrowed brow stitching and careful restorations, we are *almost* ready to announce our new collection ... // p a p e r  h e a r t s //.

For now, have a look at the inspirations below to get yourself in the mood...

Stay tuned lovelies...

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Monday, September 19, 2011

Pinterest Picks #3

Below are our favourites from the Ginny & Jude Pinterest boards this week...



{ all images from Ginny & Jude's Pinterest, where they are fully accredited to their various sources }

Saturday, September 3, 2011

New items added to Ginny & Jude's Emporium!

We've been getting our little act together somewhat and have added lot's of lovely new items to the shop this week. AND quite a few lovely pieces added to the sale section also...

And so, below are our favourite new items paired with some of our other favourite items from the wide and wonderful web this week!


Friday, August 19, 2011

Pinterest Picks #2

Below are our favourites from the Ginny & Jude Pinterest boards this week...


{ all images from Ginny & Jude's Pinterest, where they are fully accredited to their various sources }