Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Presenting our winter 2012 collection 'The Gypsy Daughter'

 a u t u m n / w i n t e r  2 0 1 2

{ from the whispering pines to the mists of the hills }

'The Gypsy Daughter' in all it's warm woollen wonderousness will be launched to the public at the upcoming Winter Finders Keepers Markets in Sydney:
WHEN: Friday 1st June 6pm -10pm and Saturday 2nd June 10am - 5pm
WHERE: CarriageWorks, 245 Wilson Street, Eveleigh NSW

This collection is made in a strictly limited run.
To avoid disappointment, pre-order from 
1. 'Pine needles and Pinwheels' crop sleeve swing coat $230...'Birch Tree' beret in biscuit with celery and lilac vintage grosgrain trim $90...'Charleston' necklaces in amethyst and amazonite $85 each...'Pine Needles and Pinwheels' skirt in dark check, $150...'Garden Party' brooch $65...vintage full slip $40...vintage crochet gloves $25
2. 'Knitted Knickers' in oatmeal $95...'Sunny Side of the Street' head wrap $30...vintage slip $35
3. 'Evergreen' button-back peplum blouse in dusty floral $105...'Pine Needles and Pinwheels' skirt in navy fleck $150...'Charleston' necklace in green agate $85...vintage buckle adjustable grosgrain belt $35...'Regency' bird comb in two-tone green $125
4. 'Don't be Shy' combs in khaki and coral $85...'Evergreen' button-back peplum blouse in dusty floral $105...'Charleston' necklaces in rutilated quartz and black agate $85 each...'Pine Needles and Pinwheels' skirt in dark check $150...vintage buckle adjustable grosgrain belt $35
5. 'Putting on Airs' lace collar necklace in ecru with mint glass detail $55...'Regency' bird comb in noir and blanc $125
6. 'Evergreen' button-back peplum blouse in squiggle $105...'Sunny Side of the Street' headwrap made from vintage kimono fabric $30
7. 'Pine Needles and Pinwheels' skirt in stripe $150...'Misty Morning' chunky knit bow scarf in claret $55...'Bachelorette' corsage brooch $55...'Bow Tie Betty' headband $65
8. 'Pine Needles and Pinwheels' crop-sleeve swing coat $230...'Birch Trees' beret in blue with coral and lemon vintage grosgrain trim $90...'Charleson' necklaces in rose quartz and amazonite $85 each...'Pine Needles and Pinwheels' skirt in navy fleck $150...Vintage embroidered lace slip $40
Styling: Rabia Lockwood
Photography: Lyndal Irons
Hair and Makeup: Tania Bowers
Model: Gabrielle Dillon

Monday, May 21, 2012

All in a days work...

With the release of our new winter collection The Gypsy Daughter quite literally just around the corner, I wanted to share a few backstage shots from our recent shoot at Sun Studios.

 Tania Bowers working her inimitable magic on Gab Dillon first thing in the morning...*yawn*

Once again we had the absolute pleasure of working with what we are now referring to as the Dream Team - Lyndal Irons on lens, Tania Bowers on hair and make-up, Gab Dillon (this girl does not take a bad picture!) on face and body and myself on clothing straightening/maneuvering and leaf tech.

We had the most fun creating a windy scene complete with swirling leaves...

All done with the aid of a fan on top of a ironing board! 
And there I am as leaf tech pelting Gab with leaves from on high...

An example of the finished product:

How amazing is this accidental leaf bracelet! 
Photos (three above): Lyndal Irons

This is where the magic happens! With Lyndal wielding her camera and Gab doing one of her consistently perfect faces/poses.

p.s. the acorn leaves were donated to us by our lovely friend Stacey from the Botanic Gardens.

I had an absolute blast! It's such a pleasure to watch a collection come together with ease as it does when it is being led by such faultless talents.

Next up, collection time!!


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Pinterest Picks #7

Little lovelies from the Ginny & Jude pinterest boards. We're basking in the last bit of Autumnal glow before winter well and truly swirls towards us.

{ All images from the Ginny & Jude's Pinterest boards, where all images link back to their original source }

Monday, May 7, 2012

a little preview

With the launch of our winter range *just* around the corner, we are literally busting at the seams to share it with you all. Being good and waiting is such a bother, but wait we must!

To deal with this incredibly difficult time, we thought we would share a few little tit-bits...

Our devotion to all things tweed is no secret, and this winter we will be paying homage to the amazing-ness of all things woven and woolen...

One of the best things we have ever seen let alone designed!  In a strictly strictly limited run of 5 pieces, so if you think you might like this - you should probably put your hand up now!
Email us at orders@ginnyandjude.com for further information and images.

And colour - lots of bright eye-popping colour in our accessories...
I wonder what *they* could be?!

And what would a Ginny & Jude winter collection be without a art deco flourish or three?
And that isn't even the half of it!

Stay tuned for more updates....