Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Market Fever at the Finders Keepers!

Another Summer, another Finders Keepers Markets...

With plenty of space through the addition of Fashion Rooms One and Two, I think everyone would agree that the experience of both shopping and selling was far more relaxed!

We had what we would consider our best display yet - we would like to offer a big thanks to Kiki the fabulous florist from the Hamper Store who procured the fabulous magnolia branch for our display. It looked breathtaking!

Never before have we had such a breadth of lovely things to offer...
...cute corsage brooches with bright lacquered mushrooms, silk flowers and glass berries...

...starburst brooches...

acorn pendants...

Buttoned moleskin notebooks...

Bow-tie headbands...

And a multitude of headpieces

For the first time we had skirts! Made from the painstakingly unpicked panels of vintage and antique Japanese Kimonos in two lengths, a number of lucky shoppers snapped up these one-of-a-kind pieces!

And a big thanks to those who blogged about us:

Catkin and Teasel loved our skirts

Little Black Book was rather in love with her new headpiece

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and look forward to next year which is rapidly approaching...

And keep your eyes on our etsy store...all new stock will be uploaded VERY SOON!
...skirts...straw headcombs (our very favourite pieces from the markets!)...more headpieces...acorn pendants...and more

Merry merry!
ginny & jude xo

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ginny & Jude Designs at The Finders Keepers - Part Two

We have lots in store for these markets. Beyond our first range of clothing we have so many exciting new designs to share with you along with our tried and tested .

Not to give too much away we can offer these little morsels...

Acorn Jewellery
using brass and silver findings and handmade wooden acorns


Corsage Brooches and Hair Slides
using antique millinery trim - fabric flowers - glass berries - painted mushrooms


Felt and button detail


Felt Hairclips
In every colour of the Rainbow

Straw Headpieces
Using restored antique straw millinery trim

See you at the Markets!


Skirts wonderful skirts!

We continue to have beautiful Kimono's arrive from Japan and be magic-ed into lovely circle skirts. It's all very exciting!
We've been having a read about the different common kimono fabrics and so far we think our favourite kimono fabric is the light-weight Silk Meisen - a favoured fabric from the early Showa era. It's a lovely stiff silk which sits with a most delightful 'pouf'.

The cute little 'nouveau' length skirt below uses the Meisen - it is ridiculously cute!

~ Size: Medium ~

As is this lovely deco patterned Rinzu Silk piece :

~ Size: Medium ~

We used a 1970s cotton Yukata to make this one:

~ Size: Small ~

And this was once an 'extra tall' Kimono made from Chirimen Silk

~  Size: Medium ~

This 1930s Chirimen Silk piece was the very first Kimono we's a sentimental favourite

~ Size: Small ~

This one has tiny fans printed all over the fabric in Coral, Sky Blue and Grass Green

~ Size: Medium ~

Navy Blue flowers on White

~ Size: X-Large ~

And this gorgeous lightweightfabric was completely sheer, so we've lined it with a soft chiffon

~ Size: Large ~

Aren't they all so lovely! It's getting increasingly difficult to pick a favourite.
Remember, as we make them, we'll post them, so stay tuned...


Ginny & Jude Designs at The Finders Keepers! Part One...

Yippee! Our favourite design market - The Finders Keepers - has extended the invitation to us again and we will be setting up our wares at their Summer Markets, held over December 4th and 5th.
There's some slightly amended times this year - much to our delight! The markets will run on Friday from 6pm-10pm and then on Saturday from 10am to 8pm.
There is a bar for all your beverage requirements - and on the saturday the Eveleigh fresh food markets will be running just outside of Carriageworks - as well as live music and djs so drop by, grab yourself a drink and have a browse!

We've had a look through the Sydney designer profiles and there are some real excitements...

Here are a few little favourites...

Stationary / Books

Vintage inspired clothing

 Sydney based clothing label, never fails to impress!
(and these pants are FAB!)

Gorgeous laser-cut brooches

Cute bags and purses from this Melbourne label

High-waisted bikini's...yes please!

Can't wait!


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Summer Holiday' skirts

Despite the unseasonal cold-snap, we're determined not to let go of the heady idea of summer at Ginny & Jude HQ.
For us it's all gin & tonic, elderflower cordial, paper parasols, wicker picnic baskets, shady trees and circle skirts!

The production is underway for these beautiful skirts and we couldn't be more delighted.
Each skirt is completely unique as they are made from the fabric panels from vintage and antique kimonos sourced from all around Japan.
And look at the beautiful fabrics we have gathered:

Perfect for twirling and ruffling about dramatically, the total circumference of the circle is a tremendous 3.15 metres!!
These skirts will be made in two styles - a traditional length - to the knee - and a smaller run of short skirts which will sit mid thigh. (To save our modesty in the winds, the short skirts will have a circumference of about half that of the long skirts).

After lengthy discussion, research and calculations we have decided on three sizes - Small (27.5"), Medium (30.5") and Large (33.5"). Like everything we do, if you want it to fit exactly right for you, you can place an order!

We don't want to spoil too much of the surprise, but we thought you all deserved at least a small peek...

This Green piece with hand-painted slashes of cream and coral is a size M.

Check out the gorgeous vintage porcelain buttons!

This cotton number (S) has a lovely abstract pattern in Indigo and Mulberry

Stay tuned for more updates very soon...


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Buttermilk Sky Launch Party in Melbourne...

Shop Party

Last night we launched the Buttermilk Sky collection at Asta Pubblica in Melbourne's North Fitzroy!
Despite the arctic temperatures outside, a number of brave souls ventured out to celebrate with us and try on birds and bows and other feathered creations.

Shop window - packed with the *new* hat boxes, photos, flowers and little creations...

Dinner Date pieces

Bows and Arrows on a lovely vintage typewriter

Fitting an 'After Every Party' headpiece...

I'm in Melbourne for another seven days - email me at if you missed out on the opening and want to have a fitting while I'm still in town.
Otherwise, the pieces will be available to purchase from Asta Pubblica at 355 St Georges Road, North Fitzroy (112 tram from town...) throughout October and November.