Thursday, July 26, 2012

Get the Look: Wildflowers

Spring is in the air, can you feel it? Our beau brought us the first few sprigs of Jasmine that he had found in bloom yesterday which has us feeling very positive about Springs prospects...
It may not feel like Spring, but there's no harm in being prepared when it does happen though!

And so, today we look to tall wildflowers encased in some early morning mist - a very early spring image if I ever saw one!
We discovered this picture courtesy of the unerringly stylish Julianna Swaney on Pinterest
If we were to dress as this photo...

Buttercup 1940s maxi dress // ON SALE $99.20 from DearGolden Vintage

Enamel floral brooch // $14 from Rivetting

1950s straw sunhat // $52 from Dalena Vintage

Vintage pastel pink Pedro Garcia t-bars // $59 from Trottinette
 I should say that we are so *desperately* sad that these are too small for us!!

Vintage wicker and wood picnic basket // $45 from VintageElectricity

Antique Japanese floral arrangement book // $7 from VintageInclination
Looks like a plan doesn't it!

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