Friday, January 17, 2014

new year = new website and a GIGANTIC sale to celebrate!

We have been pretty darn reclusive recently. For a Summer on the eastern seaboard we haven't really gotten out of the house nearly as often as we should have...

The reason is; we've been rather busy!
As we mentioned in our New Years post, 2013 marks five years since we released our first collection and we have a number of special things in the works, kicking off with a brand new website and *newly* incorporated online shop...

Even this here twoshoes blog has had a scrub up! I think we can all agree floating in amongst these candy floss clouds is rather wonderful.

To celebrate this re-launch, we are offering a whopping 40% off everything from our most recent SS2013/14 La Luna collection. And yes, that includes the jewellery. Madness! This runs for 5 days only - one day for every year since our first collection! Don't miss out - we will never offer our jewellery or our divine Silk/Linen Riverina dress at such a discount ever *EVER* again.

Some examples....

Hop to it lovelies!

Monday, January 13, 2014

A new year...

And just like that we all moved into a fresh, new year...

I particularly like the beginning of the new year. The summer heat lends a languid tone to everything; rushing feels impossible, lounging is the only sensible activity for the long afternoons and perspective seems an easier concept than ever.

I've never been one for resolutions (I spent part of my New Years Eve talking to a friend about resolutions as opposed to goals and whether there is a *real* discernible difference between the two...). The only one I ever made a few years ago - to drink more champagne - was quite done in jest, yet really did colour every social occasion in 2011 with a sparkling effervescence! More so than anything else I spend January feeling reflective and thoughtful.

The La Luna SS2013/14 collection was our most successful by far and as I start sampling for the Winter collection and designing the next Summer collection I have been considering how far the label has grown over the years. As a designer I have more and more confidence in my ability to create and feel a new-found belief in the customers who I create for.

'Riverina' Dress in Blanc, from La Luna, SS2013

I have in the past felt some panic over the fact I don't cater for everyone; i don't do skirts above the knee; that tailored designs aren't particularly forgiving; that everything I will ever EVER make will be high-waisted; that all my jewellery could be roughly characterised as 'dainty'; that my necklaces are always long; that nothing I do seems to reflect current trends...

For the first time I feel completely at peace with the fact I create clothes for tall women with hourglass figures, with nips and tucks at the waist and more buttons than zips. I recognise my products aren't for everyone and that as various eras of fashion fall in and out of favour, the vaguely 'vintage'-ish look of my designs will oscillate between being interesting or naff to the large majority of people.

'Bird on a Wire' headpiece in Emerald from Buttermilk Sky, SS2009

This October will mark the 5 year anniversary since I released the first collection of headpieces 'Buttermilk Sky' under the Ginny & Jude moniker; which seems like a fairly important milestone in a small fashion house. I already have some spectacular plans percolating away for this year, kicking off with a complete website redesign (which will be ready for launch in a weeks time...) and I feel genuinely excited for the challenges that lie ahead.
Excitement tinged with just a pinch of panic mind you!

And even more exciting; if everything does indeed go to plan, I get to take a month off to gallivant around the globe with my Love in the Spring. Hurrah!

Happy New Year everyone!