Tuesday, October 19, 2010

INVITATION to an afternoon tea at Gaffa Gallery!

As we all know, the first round of Arcades is coming to a close. 
This means that come Monday the arcades will be emptied...
of our beautiful little Millinery Salon;

the Frankie Magazine reading room

and the two Finders Keepers Collective spaces including a selection of wares from the following designers

Are you now in a state of panic because you haven't visited yet? Stay calm!
To celebrate the first month of the Arcade Project coming to a close, The Finders Keepers and Gaffa Gallery are hosting an afternoon tea this Saturday!

What could be more civilised and delightful on a Saturday afternoon? We can't wait!

AND as a special little cherry on top to you, dear readers, we are offering a 15% discount for the afternoon only!
Yep, that's right -

Hope to share a cupcake with you


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