Thursday, November 18, 2010

r a z z l e d a z z l e r o s collection revealed!

With a small curtsy we would be delighted to introduce to you
r a z z l e  d a z z l e  r o s e
a swoon-worthy new collection of
summer straw hats and headpieces from Ginny & Jude Designs.

These pieces will debut at the Finders Keepers Markets held over Friday the 3rd (6-10pm) and Saturday the 4th (10-5pm) of December at Carriageworks, Sydney.
Contact us at for all pre-orders and inquiries...

We hope you love them as much as we do...

"It was a soft reposeful summer landscape, as lovely as a dream and as lonesome as Sunday"
- Mark Twain

'Croquet by the Lake' headpiece ~ available in ice, blush and navy $120...'Swing' necklace in Coral ~ available in a range of semi-precious stones $65...'Pansy' bikini in Steel by Sanoii & Six

This beautiful velvet and silk headpiece marries two stunning vintage Japanese millinery pieces. The perfect complement to any up-do on a sultry summers afternoon.

'Quite Contrary Boater' ~ with individual corsage detail, $115...'Tea Party' Brooch ~ with vintage glass button detail. $65...'Acorn' pendant, $70...Blouse by Sanoii & Six

The perfect addition to your Sunday cycling outfit, this practical grosgrain and straw boater is accented by a sweet posy of vintage millinery blooms produced in Germany in Japan in the early 1900s.

'Say it Isn't So' headband ~ available in plum, gold, sky and persimmon $95...'Tea Party' brooch ~ with vintage glass button detail, $65...assortment of cushions made form antique Japanese textiles, from $65 ~ 'Poppy' bikini in burgundy, from Sanoii & Six

Made from vintage Japanese millinery pieces, this wonderfully dramatic velvet headband is the perfect foil to a lazy summers evening.

'Sweetheart of the Meadow' straw hat ~ with grosgrain bow and individual vintage glass button detail, $135...'Bachelorette Corsage' brooch ~ available in a range of vintage millinery blooms, from $45...'Charleston' necklace in coral and pearl ~ available in range of semi-precious stones, $85

Get swept away in the vintage glamour of the 'Sweetheart of the Meadow' straw hat. Adorned with a handmade grosgrain bow and individual vintage glass button detail, this wide-brimmed beauty is an elegant summer staple.

'Olive's Playing Tennis' cap~ available in natural, brown or black straw with individual grosgrain detail $95...'Moonlight over Water' quartz pendant (top), $70...'Bachelorette Corsage' ~ available in a range of vintage millinery blooms (bottom), from $45

Step back in time with the cloche inspired 'Olive's Playing Tennis' cap. Perfectly ladylike and chic, this piece sold out within hours at the recent Melbourne Finders Keepers.
Pre-order now to avoid disappointment...

Styling : Rabia Lockwood
Model: Zoya
Photography: Lyndal Irons
w e a r  w i t h...
Charleston Necklace
Acorn Necklace - available at Finders Keepers
Knitted Collar

Monocle Pendant
Tea With Pierot Pendant

Starburst Brooch
A blimp sized thank you to the beautiful Zoya for being so delightfully dreamy all day, to Lyndal for her magical camera skills, and to Sanoii & Six who sent us some truly lust-worthy bikinis for the shoot. 

see you at Finders Keepers!

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