Monday, October 18, 2010

Pop-Up Shop has only a week left...

Oh, it's been a busy month! We have hardly stopped - and hence we are *rather* behind in attending to our lovely twoshoes blog.

Firstly, our pop-up shop as part of The Finders Keepers and Gaffa Gallery's Arcade Project is about to close! It has been open for almost a month now and the whole lovely little cosy spot is to be packed up this Monday, so your time is running out to grab yourself something delightful! (and, on that, stay tuned for a very special announcement tomorrow morning...!)
To book a free consultation and fitting with our designer, email

We have had a couple of little articles written about the shop including a feature in twothousand and an interview in dailygloss which we were super-duper chuffed about!

Did you make it to the opening of the Arcade Project? Our designer Rabia Lockwood had a fabulous time meeting everyone and helping people try on hats!

Our very favourite photographer Lyndal Irons (she of Harlequin Photoshoot fame) was on hand to document the event with these lovely photographs below...

 The crowd mills around the arcades...and there our little shop is in the top right corner!

The wine was so fancy it had a cork in it...delicious!

Helping a lovely lass try on a 'Row Boat Sweethearts' hat - one of the new pieces from the Razzle Dazzle Rose collection!

Our designer Rabia helping solve a jewellery dilemma - yes, those earrings will make everything better! (and she's wearing a Sanoii & Six blouse...)

...and on the wooden plinth the marvelous 'Fly Me to the Moon' headpiece, as purchased by the delightful Vienna Johnston, one half of Sanoii & Six!

The beautiful 'Holding Hands' hat

One of our absolute *favourite* pieces - the 'Going to a Town' headpiece, using stunning 1930s vintage veiling.

A very big thank you of course to Sarah and Brooke of The Finders Keepers and Zoe, Penny and Kelly from Gaffa Gallery who all helped make the event such a success. They are all so very wonderful.

Speak to you all soon!

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