Sunday, November 15, 2009

Skirts wonderful skirts!

We continue to have beautiful Kimono's arrive from Japan and be magic-ed into lovely circle skirts. It's all very exciting!
We've been having a read about the different common kimono fabrics and so far we think our favourite kimono fabric is the light-weight Silk Meisen - a favoured fabric from the early Showa era. It's a lovely stiff silk which sits with a most delightful 'pouf'.

The cute little 'nouveau' length skirt below uses the Meisen - it is ridiculously cute!

~ Size: Medium ~

As is this lovely deco patterned Rinzu Silk piece :

~ Size: Medium ~

We used a 1970s cotton Yukata to make this one:

~ Size: Small ~

And this was once an 'extra tall' Kimono made from Chirimen Silk

~  Size: Medium ~

This 1930s Chirimen Silk piece was the very first Kimono we's a sentimental favourite

~ Size: Small ~

This one has tiny fans printed all over the fabric in Coral, Sky Blue and Grass Green

~ Size: Medium ~

Navy Blue flowers on White

~ Size: X-Large ~

And this gorgeous lightweightfabric was completely sheer, so we've lined it with a soft chiffon

~ Size: Large ~

Aren't they all so lovely! It's getting increasingly difficult to pick a favourite.
Remember, as we make them, we'll post them, so stay tuned...


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