Saturday, October 3, 2009

Buttermilk Sky Launch Party in Melbourne...

Shop Party

Last night we launched the Buttermilk Sky collection at Asta Pubblica in Melbourne's North Fitzroy!
Despite the arctic temperatures outside, a number of brave souls ventured out to celebrate with us and try on birds and bows and other feathered creations.

Shop window - packed with the *new* hat boxes, photos, flowers and little creations...

Dinner Date pieces

Bows and Arrows on a lovely vintage typewriter

Fitting an 'After Every Party' headpiece...

I'm in Melbourne for another seven days - email me at if you missed out on the opening and want to have a fitting while I'm still in town.
Otherwise, the pieces will be available to purchase from Asta Pubblica at 355 St Georges Road, North Fitzroy (112 tram from town...) throughout October and November.


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  1. the displays, the pieces and the people all look lovely...