Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Market Fever at the Finders Keepers!

Another Summer, another Finders Keepers Markets...

With plenty of space through the addition of Fashion Rooms One and Two, I think everyone would agree that the experience of both shopping and selling was far more relaxed!

We had what we would consider our best display yet - we would like to offer a big thanks to Kiki the fabulous florist from the Hamper Store who procured the fabulous magnolia branch for our display. It looked breathtaking!

Never before have we had such a breadth of lovely things to offer...
...cute corsage brooches with bright lacquered mushrooms, silk flowers and glass berries...

...starburst brooches...

acorn pendants...

Buttoned moleskin notebooks...

Bow-tie headbands...

And a multitude of headpieces

For the first time we had skirts! Made from the painstakingly unpicked panels of vintage and antique Japanese Kimonos in two lengths, a number of lucky shoppers snapped up these one-of-a-kind pieces!

And a big thanks to those who blogged about us:

Catkin and Teasel loved our skirts

Little Black Book was rather in love with her new headpiece

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and look forward to next year which is rapidly approaching...

And keep your eyes on our etsy store...all new stock will be uploaded VERY SOON!
...skirts...straw headcombs (our very favourite pieces from the markets!)...more headpieces...acorn pendants...and more

Merry merry!
ginny & jude xo


  1. the acorn pendants are just so beautiful! i think i need to get myself out of adelaide and to these markets. i also need a new moleskin sketch book!
    love all your stuff xx

  2. Thanks Lauren! Moleskin notebooks are online in my etsy shop if you're
    If you want me to make you up one which is unlined, just ask!
    xo ginny & jude