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The Talent: Tania Bowers of Hello-Lashes Salon

We here at Ginny & Jude have been incredibly blessed to have worked with a number of really talented people through the years. They have have all helped us build this little brand up from the ground to the glittering star it is today.

Today we start a new feature on the blog called The Talent where we introduce you to these get-out-of-town talented gals.

First up we have the wonderful Tania Bowers. 

I first met Tania when she started working at the Button Shop with me a number of years ago when she had just moved back from America. We hit it off straight away and I have been very fortunate to have had her extend her talents to me for a total of 3 shoots now. 

Despite her considerable talents, she is one of the most humble people I have ever met and always emanates a reassuring sense of calm. She also has an enviable back catalogue of crafting skills and once traveled the world playing songs under the guise of Via Tania.

I certainly share her no-fuss attitude when it comes to makeup for the everyday and can personally attest to the wonderful of get-up-and-go-ness of tinted lashes. Marvelous!

- Rabia, Designer for Ginny & Jude

The gorgeous Tania. Photo: Andy Mueller

Tania Bowers - a lady of many talents! Tell us a few fun facts about yourself...

I once crashed a shoemaking course for a whole semester. It was at the Art Institute of Chicago. No payment necessary, no grades either, but I didn't want grades I wanted to learn how to make shoes.

I had an emergency root canal during the SXSW festival in Austin Texas and had maxed out my Credit Card while on tour, luckily the dental nurse suggested to the dentist that instead of forking over $1000 I could perhaps get his daughter a pass to the music festival. I just gave him mine while I was on the bed.
Unfortunately there is a music video of me singing a few hours later trying not to drool. At the time I thought I was getting away with it, but thanks to the internet, I can't fool myself.

I lived in Melbourne, moved to Sydney, then Chicago, then back to Melbourne, then back to Chicago and now in Sydney again. 

I used to teach a summer school inside the University of Minnesota for creative high school kids it was funded by Target and I met designers from all over the world, a guy that designed inside space ships for NASA, German car interiors, so many cool teachers 

My daughters name is Frida Jane Wigdahl. I'm not sure how she's going to feel about that.

Tania's varied work for Ginny & Jude, photo: Lyndal Irons

Tell us a little bit about the Hello-Lashes Salon...

I'm a pretty cruisy chick and beauty salons never really interested me so it took me a long time to find my path to the beauty industry. Painting, drawing, makeup, styling are all my passions and learning to do eyelash extensions is such a specific skill but I saw a niche in the market; it's for girls that want to accentuate their features while still looking natural. 

With makeup I have a pretty 'light hand' and like to see skin not a foundation mask but because of my love of photography I have worked under strong lights and with photographers enough to work out where you can do that and where you can't.

Hello-Lashes Salon is for real women and girls who like to have fun, dress up or be natural but not overdo it, know what I mean?

Soft and subtle; photo at right Gintas Zaranka, photo at left Damien Thompson.

What was it that attracted you to make-up and hair design? And was there a reason you chose to specialise in lashes?

I think when I first enrolled at the Makeup Designory school in New York, I saw it was the right thing for me straight away. Out came the colour wheels and tonal excersizes. It was the first time in years I felt like I was back at art school and I felt sorry for the young girls in my class that had none of that theory behind them, I would have been flailing around if not for my background, that stuff is hard!

But to be really honest, it was a creative thing that I could get paid for. A daily rate… go home, have your life! I love that kind of work because my life out of work is really important to me.  

Lashes are sweeping the cities of the world. It might be soon up there with Zumba. But I think as I have always loved using my hands, sewing and being crafty that those kinds of fine motor skills really suit me, I watched a demonstration in Beauty school and never looked back.

Gorgeous natural bridal hair and make up; photos by Joe Wigdahl of Grass Finch Photography

Looking back at the many shoots and events you've been involved in over the years, what stands out in your memory the most?

Shooting with Kevin Sinclair was a really great experience. Fashion photographers are notorious jerks and I've experienced my fair share but shooting with Kevin early on at the Factor Models space in Chicago was an eye opener; that someone so lovely and supportive of new talent can rise up to be one of the biggest most successful photographers of today. 

Also the Vera Wang bridal launch at the Oprah Show was a really really fun day seeing two ladies who work their butski's off backstage commenting and laughing at all the 'child' brides were making up - fun stuff. 
Also shooting with my partner Joe is really nice and we get on really well on set; no one knows we're married we get on so well!

Credits: Photo by Kevin Sinclair

What is the one beauty product you never leave the house without?

Vincent Longo lip stain. Totally doesn't look like lipstick and you can use it on your cheeks, my colour is Sunshine.

Can you share a never-fail make-up tip with us?

Anastasia or Gorgeous Cosmetics Brow Gel, if you set your brows with this gel brushing 'up' you will always look more groomed and neat, but no one will be able to tell why.

What are your predictions for trends in make-up and hair this year?

I think it's going to be about matte's. We've had the glitter and shimmer a bit too long. It's like studs, save them for rockstars, when Target is selling shoes with studs, just Let . It. Go at least for a while. Matte makeup is so lovely and you can play with contours and highlights without being too spangly just classic.There's a reason it's called classic, people always come back to it because it looks the best.

You can find Tania at her Hallo-Lashes Salon stall at the upcoming One Fine Day wedding and bridal fair in Sydney which runs over the 2nd and 3rd of February at Sun Studios in Alexandria.


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