Thursday, January 17, 2013

The garden of fashion

Yesterday I was bequeathed quite a beautiful piece of fashion history from a dear friend who was visiting from Berlin. 

Le Jardin Des Modes - The Garden of Fashion - is a rather exquisite French fashion journal from 1951 filled with delicious inspiration for the Autumn/Winter collection I'm currently designing...

Lecon De Mode - Feshion Lesson - we had great fun attempting to translate these last night! 
Some standout rules I am taking away from this are that skirts should be between 30-32 cms from the ground and no shorter, belts should accentuate a narrow waist, shoulders should be wide and that a large swing coat over all these tight angles of tailoring is a must!

Fabulous, fabulous ideas...


...and what exquisite winter hats!
I am desperately in love with this jacket.
Nothing like some fun fashion tableaux!
Some of you may already be aware that I have been without a functioning camera since last October. As you can imagine trying to run an online business without a camera has been bordering on ridiculous - there are only so many times you can borrow one from a friend!
Thankfully my new one finally arrived today. It is fabulous and we are very much in love.

I had quite a bit of fun testing its macro settings and ISO fiddly bits this afternoon as the sun was just slipping away behind the roofs. 

This hydrangea would be considered by most to be quite beyond its prime, but I am really enjoying its tainted rainbow hues.

xo rabia

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