Monday, May 7, 2012

a little preview

With the launch of our winter range *just* around the corner, we are literally busting at the seams to share it with you all. Being good and waiting is such a bother, but wait we must!

To deal with this incredibly difficult time, we thought we would share a few little tit-bits...

Our devotion to all things tweed is no secret, and this winter we will be paying homage to the amazing-ness of all things woven and woolen...

One of the best things we have ever seen let alone designed!  In a strictly strictly limited run of 5 pieces, so if you think you might like this - you should probably put your hand up now!
Email us at for further information and images.

And colour - lots of bright eye-popping colour in our accessories...
I wonder what *they* could be?!

And what would a Ginny & Jude winter collection be without a art deco flourish or three?
And that isn't even the half of it!

Stay tuned for more updates....

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