Thursday, February 16, 2012


We were never known for our sporting prowess as school students - in fact we were better known for volunteering to hold up the volleyball net, or walking on the bottom of the pool when one should have been swimming (ahem!). As such, we have never before received a trophy...I believe there may have been a third place ribbon in there somewhere, but a trophy? Never!

This weekend just past we were privileged enough to be one of 11 emerging designers in Australia and New Zealand chosen to take part in the 'Debut' section of the bi-annual Fashion Exposed apparel, accessories and shoes trade fair in Sydney. 
"Debut, run as part of the Fashion Exposed trade fair, has been a launch pad for over 135 young Australian labels since its inception in 2006, with past winners including now established brands Alexi Freeman, Limedrop, Trimapee, Subfusco, Holly Chalmers and Since Grey."

We were so pleased to meet all the amazingly talented young designers from the beautiful labels involved in this - Sanoii + Six, Neo Dia, Kelsey Genner, Brkich, Jeromy Lim to name a few.

And we were even more thrilled to be named best new Accessories designer for 2012!
Yes, a trophy.  An actual trophy!

The super lovely Belinda Crossley from Brkich was named best new Apparel label for 2012.
Cute, non? Amazing prints, even more amazing designs.

We wiled away the hours chatting about the biz, fiddling with our iPhones, playing Uno and drinking the champagne the French had so kindly laid on in the stalls not far from ours. Yep, we actually had quite a splendid three days!

And the trophy? Currently, it has pride of place on top of our piano.


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