Saturday, February 18, 2012

*Quite* the hot topic!

It's been a preeeetty busy start to the year for us!
We feel very much that the spirit of the Chinese year of the Water Dragon is well and truly upon us with plenty of changes afoot and good tidings abounding. 

We have received some lovely press this year so far...

If you happened to be catching a train in Sydney on Friday January 27th, you would no doubt have noticed this splashed over the cover of daily rag MX's front cover:

Our resident model Gab Dillon - as dressed and styled by our head designer Rabia Lockwood - haughtily sipping her drinks at Gardel's Bar in Surry Hills. 

Our big thanks go out to Sarah from Gardel's/Porteno for so kindly letting us use her space out of business hours and for fussing with that vase of roses for us!

We were also super chuffed to be featured in the Etsy Finds daily international mailout:

We quite like an explosion of colour ourselves, so this inclusion seemed entirely appropriate!

And then in the March 2012 edition of our favourite monthly catalogue of affordable sartorial gems - Shop Til You Drop - our gorgeous Garden Party brooch is used to celebrate the glamorous style synonymous with the 1940s.

And yes, we agree that this would just go down a treat with a Miu Miu dress!

Grab yourselves a copy if you're passing a newsstand!


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