Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Vintage Evan-Picone - a shopping guide

We happened across fashion label Evan-Picone somewhat by chance whilst trawling through vintage espadrilles on Etsy (Summer is coming and, as always, we are on the search for the yet-to-be-discovered *perfect* espadrille...).
We were struck by the delightfully feminine structure of the vintage shoes created by this label; how we love a practical yet deliciously low-heeled shoe!
And oh, how we wish we had little dainty vintage sized feet that would neatly fit into any of these shoes...







And how cute are the Espadrilles!



Evan-Picone was founded in 1949 by friends Charles Evans and Joseph Picone. Their first range was a small yet successful run of skirts designed by Evans and produced by Picone which was followed by a range of ladies pants. 

By the 1960s they were a leading manufacturer of Sportswear (ha! I suppose you *can* jog in a low heel...), but has since been sold to the Jones Apparel Group and has faded into obscurity/mediocrity somewhat. And as an odd little bit of trivia, you may be interested to know that Evan-Picone provided the wardrobe for Mary Tyler Moore in her eponymous show in the 1970s!










Happy Shopping!

p.s. we got our label history info from

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