Thursday, August 4, 2011

a summer collection is brewing...

As soon as we get a few days in a row over 20 degrees we all go a bit spare grasping for summer don't we! It certainly inspired us here at G&J HQ.

Rather than hugging the heater, I set out into the sun and gallivanted about the streets on the look out for early blooming spring flowers...

and yep, the tweed outfit I wore was not dissimilar to this really!

When I got home, and over a cup of water spiked with a dash of rosewater and lemon (try it - it's delicious!)

...there was a flourish of thoughts for the summer collection...

{ Think floral, think teeny tiny details, think bright colours, think stripes }
Our quick and restless fingers are already putting together some rather glorious samples!

Until next time