Thursday, April 14, 2011

Come into my studio with Creative Spaces for The Finders Keepers

 I was recently asked to be part of a project The Finders Keepers are working on where they have a gander around the homes and Creative Spaces of Australian independent designers...of course I said 'yes!' - I am as guilty as anyone of being rather partial to peeking into other peoples lives!

On a recent Sunday afternoon the delight that is Renee Baker popped over to take some photographs of my large loungeroom in which all and everything I have ever made has sprung from. In fact, I have been using this beautiful space for so long, I can hardly imagine what it would be like to divorce my 'home' life from my 'studio' life! I'm sure it would make it very much harder to spend hours knitting together these Knitted Knickers and the like without the constant interest/distraction of myriad costume dramas and cups of tea...

images: courtesy of Renee Baker exclusively for The Finders Keepers

Once the business part of the visit was over, we had a good natter over a cup of coffee and some freshly baked Coffee Crumble Cake (could not be recommended highly enough - a never-fail cake if I ever baked one!).

It was an absolute peach of an afternoon!
And I hope you enjoy this little tour through my home as much as I did.

{for g&j}

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