Monday, March 14, 2011

Runway Report - Carven

We were super delighted to come across the cute and quirky Parisian brand Carven whilst out meandering in the wilds of the internet recently.

Image: Carven

The brand was founded by the formidable Carmen de Tomasso aka Madame Carven in 1945 in the burgeoning post-war fashion years just before the 'New Look' would take off in 1947, (yes, our favourite fashion period) with the rather noble idea of style over ostentation. 
A complete novice to fashion and decidedly removed from the rarefied world of Haute Couture, Madame Carven sought to produce beautiful, interesting clothes for young people; to "offer accessible luxury and to capture the spirit of the moment through her simple and refined designs".
The fashion house remains at it's original location at Rond Point des Champs today. 

Madame Carven stopped designing for the company at 84 and amazingly will celebrate her 102nd birthday this year!
How delightful!

Carven models in Vogue, June 1956

Carven Dress, 1960s
Carmen de Tomasso aka Madame Carven in one of her own creations from 1951
Make your own Carven original with this Madame Carven pattern from 1960!

Madame Carven's first design from 1945
The Green and White stripe would become her moniker, gracing the bottles of her famous range of perfumes.

Carven dress in Brazilian Magazine O Cruzeiro, September 1960

Now for Carven fashions from today!
I love that they have stayed true to those initial aspirations of creating exciting, youthful and accessible clothing:

Carven, Fall 2011

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