Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Photoshoot - in the can!

On this Sunday just past, we bunkered down at Sun Studios in Alexandria to shoot our latest - and very soon to be released - collection p a p e r  h e a r t s. The weather mattered not for a change (hurrah! As it rained on and off for most of the morning!) and we all cruised through the day to an odd-ball collection of jazz and hula music on our portable record player.

We had some splendid people at our disposal helping make everything possible, so our warmest and most thankful wishes are extended to:

The incredibly patient and talented Lyndal Irons (our resident photographer - we simply won't shoot without her!)...her ability to re-create the specific ideas we have in our heads is phenomenal!

For the first time we were joined by the spectacularly skilled hands of hair and make-up artist extraordinaire Tania Bowers. Victory rolls, porcelain skin and a cheeky pout - I think you'll all agree the results speak for themselves!

And lastly but certainly never least, our beautiful bombshell of a model; Gabrielle Dillon. Her quirky sense of humour added that crucial joie de vivre to every shot.

'Miss Beaton' crop jacket in floral and 'Oh, Vanity!' mirror brooch
p a p e r  h e a r t s
Summer 2012
from Ginny & Jude Designs

Stay tuned, all will be revealed *very* soon


  1. Thanks Renee! We think it's pretty fabulous too...but wait until you see the other colours...!