Monday, August 30, 2010

Window Shopping - August Edition

Anyone else addicted to the tantalising prospect of Spring? It's so close! Which means that Summer ain't far behind...
Our August Window Shopping edition clearly shows we've been distracted...warm weather, picnics, early evening sunsets - oh my!

Amazing, non? Thanks to Brooke Johnston Design for the tip!

Violetville never disappoint...and these nifty trousers are on sale at 50% off! Get in quick...

Taking the basket bag to a whole new level of cute!

 It always gets windy before it gets warmer

Perfect for cocktail hour!

Um, massivley awesome?!

It just makes so much sense!

So sweet and small!

from Nemres
Crisp and fresh in bright whites...

You can be crisp on land and in the ocean!

The perfect accompaniment to one's summer kitchen set


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