Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Best ever shorts

When I decided to make shorts for the Summer 2013 collection, I was pretty sure it would be a risk that wouldn't entirely pay off.
There are so many variables with shorts (or pants for that matter)...they must be a flattering cut around the tummy...not too tight on the legs...roomy enough to not ride up ones derriere...
And I wanted them to be cartwheel ready at any moment!

So you can imagine how elated I felt during the sampling process when I realised that they were actually the best shorts ever! But would anyone else think so?? I couldn't be sure...

I have my Great-Grandmother to thank for the inspiration, and my pattern-maker for getting it so right because these humble and yet entirely fantastic shorts have been our best selling item of clothing ever!!

My beautiful Great-Grandmother outside her house in Rosebery

We have just one pair left. It is a size 10. Do they have your name on them??


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