Thursday, September 12, 2013

For The Love of...Via Tania & The Tomorrow Music Orchestra

It's been a while between 'for the love of...' posts here on the blog. But this is perhaps one of the most deserving we have written so far.

You may remember hair and makeup doyen Tania Bowers from one of our 'The Talent' posts here on the Blog back in January when we interviewed her following her tireless and faultless efforts on our G&J collection shoots. And between the hair and makeup talk you may have picked up on a couple of anecdotes she told us about being on tour. 'On tour?' you ask...

Because quadruple-threat Tania is also an incredibly talented musician under the guise of Via Tania.

After moving back home to Oz from the US some years ago and popping out a wee little bundle of joy, Tania revisited some of the work she recorded back in Chicago years ago that was never released and realised it was time to get back on that horse and finish that record!

To try and make sure this happens - and to make sure every hard-working musician in that Orchestra that has so far contributed their time for free gets paid - she has launched an Indiegogo crowd funding campaign. The way I see it, this is a pretty simple way to pre-order the record (um, also available on vinyl; awesome) and get a few sweet perks along with it. Like this awesome signed poster designed by London based artist Zakee Shariff...

The accompanying campaign video is one of the SWEETEST things you will ever watch in your life, and I can't recommend it highly enough...everything you see from the blankets to the figurines was made by Tania!

Beyond making quirky ethereal folk/pop, making up everyone's lashes and hair to perfection and being a kick-ass mum, Tania is also one of the loveliest and most humble people you will ever meet and more than most deserves our support. So get over there, have a listen and pre-order yourselves an album!


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