Monday, May 27, 2013

Finders Keepers Winter Markets!

6 months seems to whip around awful fast doesn't it - feels like only a few weeks ago we were peddling our wares at the Summer Finders Keepers...

But as much as times seems a lost concept at G&J HQ, it is indeed time again for the Finders Keepers Markets, Winter edition.

And there are a few changes afoot...
A change of venue is probably the biggest one for everyone to be aware of. After five years, the Sydney Finders Keepers markets have outgrown the halls of Carriageworks and the markets have moved across the tracks; to Australian Technology Park! As such, the markets have trebled in size (yes, that's THREE times as much amazing-ness)...AND there are food trucks and a 'market lane' of food stalls to boot. Hurrah!

There are so, so, SO many designers to be aware of at these markets, and after a careful fossiking through the designer profiles, we are keen to check out these little beauties...

...for beautiful organic jewellery.

...for stunning, handmade leather-goods.

3. Marcue
...the go-to stall for shoes, glorious shoes!

...for the lasses with a good set of pins; these shifts are pretty darn cute!

...for original vintage and antique book plates.
(they are also our neighbours...we anticipate many purchases)

...ceramic heaven!

...there is no limit to the amount of pretty tea-towels one can own.

...sleepwear that's pretty and functional.

...yes, they do a brilliant range of knits etc. but these McFadyen picnic blankets made us audibly coo. And reminded us of one of our favourite regency drama actors...

...for the most beautiful silk scarves

AND lastly, 
...for beautifully tailored clothes and elegant accessories with a pinch of vintage flair.

See you there!
Friday: 6pm -10pm
Saturday: 10am - 5pm



  1. Thanks for including us! Hope to meet you at the markets - I feel that any money made will be spent on everyone else's lovely stalls! x

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