Monday, March 19, 2012

Winter is coming...

And no, we don't just mean the new season of Game of Thrones (although we will admit, G&J HQ has been rather gleeful about it's return)!

Indeed, we mean the regular Sydney kind of coldness which begins to sweep through with gusto around the mid-April mark. And although we do our very best to pretend that we do not have a winter in Sydney, the most uninspiring summer we can remember should certainly have all of us quaking in our stocking-ed feet and brogues.

Our winter range is rolling along quite nicely...

Taking our cues from the enthralling snow-bound Russian fairy tales of Vasilisa the Beautiful and the terrifying Baba Yaga we are crafting a collection to warm even the coldest of souls.

images: Ivan Bilibin from the original Vasilisa the Beautiful book, Wikipedia.

Think warm 100% woolen tweed skirts and swing coats...dreamy button-up-the-back blouses...velvet floral corsage season berets with thick vintage grosgrain trim...chunky hand-knitted scarves; all the essentials to have you hoping the weather would hurry up and get properly cold already!

And psst, not to give *too* much away, but we will soon be introducing Ginny & Jude Vintage. What this means you will soon find out...

snuggle up now!

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