Monday, July 19, 2010

Window Shopping - July Edition

Window shopping is one of those activities that we can't get enough of at Ginny & Jude's...we just love coming up with lists of MUST HAVE items!

Here are our very favourites for July...

Peter Pan collar, delightful print - we've just put in an order!
This is just puts a whole new spin on the humble quilt!
from American artist Riki Zarris
 Fantastic colours in this piece

from American ceramicist Cynthia Vardhan
How to choose? They're all so beautiful...

These are made to order, AND you can choose what colour cashmere you'd prefer!

from the awesomely talented Portland artist Juliana Swaney

Every print of hers is a delight - I love the girls floral necklace!

These are just lovely. Yet another favourite thing from Urban Outfitters!

For when one dresses as Joan from Mad Men

xo g&j

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