Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Finders Keepers - Our picks for the upcoming markets

With the markets just around the corner (May 7th and 8th!) we at Ginny & Jude are very busy getting everything 'just so' and putting the finishing touches on our bits and pieces.

As I imagine are the other designers participating! There's always new and exciting talent and product to look at, and from what I've seen so far, these will be the designers I'll be having a gander at...

House of Cards 
How utterly AMAZING are these pop-up cards! Sure to encourage a spirited revival of old-fashioned letter sending.

Providing our shirts, coats and vest with quirky prettiness as always

Because we're suckers for pom-poms

We're not usually that fussed on t-shirts, but we really liked the lovely assymentry of this design. Plus, it would appear they also make / produce *pretty much* everything else you can imagine - zines, posters, cards etc.

From sweet twine wrapped stationary packs to these delightful little monochrome laser cut rabbits. Delightful!

Sweet handmade shoes for men and women? Yes please.

What will they think of next? These are just lovely.

Contemporary Jewellery Design which is delicate and beautiful. We hope she brings some of these antique button rings with her!

They always manage to make me go 'oooh!' and their new collection 'The White Album' appears to be full of gorgeous goodness.

Handmade leather bags and wallets in stunning shapes and designs. Yay!

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