Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Amor Suerte Proteccion (love luck protection)

This Wednesday night sees the opening of Amor Suerte Proteccion (love luck protection) - an exhibition celebrating the launch of a new range jewellery from Christina Adamson's oneredline label...

The exhibition features
work from several local artists and designers including Brooke Johnston, Bernadette 'Rockabilly' Bernadette, Tenille Shanders, Sam Dillon, Lulamay Craufurd Gormly, Nikki Majajas, Rebecca Tracey and Ginny & Jude's key designer Rabia Lockwood!

Rabia has contributed a piece from the new Autumn/Winter range of hand-knitted accessories she has be busy stitching together for Ginny & Jude's.

Opening celebratory tipples will run from 6-8pm at Petty Cash Cafe - corner of Victoria Road and Leicester Street Marrickville (opposite Enmore Park) this Wednesday, April 1st.

Hope to see you there!
x ginny & jude

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